More trophies for the RUDU collection! Left to right: Kyle Bomeisl, Ashley Novak, Storey Clayton, Adam Bomeisl, Gordon Morrisette, Abhi Karwe, Stephen Yellin, Arbi Llaveshi, Chris Mercurio, Isaac Woodward, Farhan Ali, and Dave Reiss.

The thriving and ever-growing crew of first-year debaters at the Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) put up one of their best overall performances of the year at Princeton this past weekend. In a huge field of both novice and varsity teams, RUDU made half of the novice semifinal break and two additional novice speakers debating with varsity members were awarded as well.

Here’s the list of accomplishments:
Ashley Novak & Gordon Morrisette – 3rd Novice Team
Isaac Woodward & Arbi Llaveshi – 4th Novice Team
Chris Mercurio – 2nd Novice Speaker
Ashley Novak – 7th Novice Speaker
Alex Weiss – 10th Novice Speaker

Isaac and Arbi’s break to novice semis was made all the more impressive given their lack of experience on the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA) circuit. Isaac was competing in just his second tournament on APDA and Arbi his first. Meanwhile, Chris Mercurio took a novice speaker award for the second time in two visits to APDA contests. These performances will put him in the top twenty for the Novice of the Year (NOTY) rankings despite only attending two tournaments.

This weekend will be a second tournament in New Jersey – the one hosted by RUTGERS! All RUDU members will be participating by judging, housing, and helping create a positive experience for visitors to the New Brunswick campus. Details about the tournament will be posted right here in the coming days.