RUDU Dominates GW!
The Rutgers contingent at GW poses after another brilliant awards ceremony. The team collectively went 18-7 at the tournament (17-6 in rounds against other schools). Left to right: Farhan Ali, Gordon Morrisette, Ashley Novak, Chris Bergman, Storey Clayton, Dave Reiss, Kyle Bomeisl, Adam Bomeisl, and Nisha Kumar.

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) debated to new all-time highs this weekend at George Washington University in Washington, DC. With the tournament victory, the second in three weekends and the third final round in the last four attended competitions, Rutgers is now ranked 3rd in the nation in both College of the Year (COTY) and Team of the Year (TOTY). In each, Rutgers trails only Yale and Harvard.

The sum of the GW accomplishments:
Dave Reiss & Kyle Bomeisl – Tournament Champions [winning finals] Farhan Ali & Chris Bergman – 8th team [losing quarterfinals to Dave/Kyle] Nisha Kumar & Adam Bomeisl – 4th novice team [break to novice semifinals] Dave Reiss – 4th speaker
Kyle Bomeisl – 9th speaker
Nisha Kumar – 5th novice speaker
Adam Bomeisl – 9th novice speaker

While the Rutgers/Rutgers civil war in quarterfinals was an unfortunate pairing, Farhan & Chris have now reached the elimination rounds at back-to-back tournaments they’ve attended together and are currently tied for 20th in the national rankings of partnerships. Meanwhile, Dave & Kyle won all five preliminary rounds, broke as the top seed, and won all elimination rounds, compiling an 11-round winning streak that dates back to quarterfinals at UPenn. They also are one of the first teams this year to win a tournament final on Government.

Additionally, the novice break was the first officially for Nisha & Adam, though a tab error kept them from reaching novice semis at Maryland. Nisha has now cracked the Novice of the Year (NOTY) standings, checking in at 38th. The three novices on that board (Ashley Novak is 8th and Chris Mercurio 43rd) are an all-time high for Rutgers, though many more novices have won speaker awards and could join those three soon.

Third is by far the highest ranking in the national standings for a team that finished 24th last year in its then all-time high. For context, perennial powerhouse Johns Hopkins is now 6th, William & Mary 8th, and Swarthmore 10th. Traditional Rutgers rivals Princeton and Columbia clock in at 11th and 12th, respectively while the nearest Big East school, Syracuse, is 17th.

This coming weekend features the unopposed Fordham tournament, a showdown that is sure to involve all of the top teams on the circuit in an early matchup with strong implications for the final annual rankings.