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From left: Victoria Disla ’17, Henry Phipps ’14, Rachel Moon ’15, Jason Boyle ’13, Kurt Falk ’16, Daimler Vadlamuri ’14, Russell Potter ’15, George Alukal ’15, Maegan Sunaz ’15, Nisha Kumar ’13, Deepta Janardhan ’14, Minal Kunnan ’15, Quinn Maingi ’15, Sean Leonard ’16, Nick Hansen ’16

The Rutgers University Debate Union had an excellent tournament at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York this weekend! Five teams competed, three finished with winning records, and five Rutgers alumni came out to judge! Henry Phipps, a 2015 Rutgers graduate, even flew in from his home in Portland, Oregon to surprise his RUDU family.

Two teams–Kurt Falk ’16 and Russell Potter ’15, and Quinn Maingi ’15 and Sean Leonard ’16– reached varsity outrounds at the competitive tournament. Both teams won their quarterfinal rounds, and the two Rutgers teams faced off in semifinals. Both teams were so skillful, many audience members recalled the experience as “paranormal.” In the end, Falk and Potter advanced to finals on a 2-1 decision. Leonard and Maingi now stand at 7th Team of the Year, while Falk and Potter made their first entry on the board at 12th. Leonard also finished the tournament as the 6th speaker.

In addition to the varsity wins, Rutgers continued its tradition of excellence in novice awards! Minal Kunnan ’15 finished the tournament as the best novice speaker. We know he’ll do Rutgers proud in the coming months.

Next weekend, RUDU will be competing at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.