This past weekend, RUDU hosted the 863rd Henry Rutgers Championship Invitational. 207 debaters from over 25 colleges and universities came to compete at the second largest tournament of the season. This weekend’s tournament was unopposed, meaning that it was the only tournament on the circuit at the time, so everyone on the RU team was involved from the newest novices to the graduated alumni. The tournament director was RUDU senior Russell Potter, and the debate union collectively coordinated everything from housing and food to round pairings and ballot collection. Starting Friday afternoon and stretching through Saturday evening, both team members and alumni “dinos” helped judge the 106 teams and it was truly an amazing sight to see. Rutgers’ resident newspaper, The Daily Targum, interviewed RUDU debaters and covered the tournament in an article that can be found here.

Tournament Director
Tournament Director Russell Potter and David Israel from Johns Hopkins University receiving the top varsity speaker award

This coming weekend, RUDU goes to George Washington University for a particularly interesting tournament where all cases must be Opp-choice. This type of case allows the Opposition to choose for which side of the case they debate, leading to especially unique and entertaining rounds.