With the UMBC tournament victory, the Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) cemented its best semester in history, winning three tournaments and coming to establish itself as by far the best state school on the circuit.

Here’s a look at Rutgers’ current standings through the first half of the 2010-2011 season:

College of the Year
Rutgers University: 4th overall

Team of the Year
Dave Reiss & Kyle Bomeisl: 3rd team
Chris Bergman & Ashley Novak: 11th team
Farhan Ali & Chris Bergman: 24th team (tie)
Krishna Kavi & Bhargavi Sriram: 59th team (tie)

Speaker of the Year
Dave Reiss: 15th speaker (tie)
Kyle Bomeisl: 39th speaker (tie)
Ashley Novak: 39th speaker (tie)
Krishna Kavi: 51st speaker (tie)

Novice of the Year
Ashley Novak: 3rd novice
Nisha Kumar: 40th novice (tie)
Chris Mercurio: 48th novice (tie)

Debaters Qualified for Nationals
Rutgers University: 4 (tied for 3rd)
(Dave Reiss, Kyle Bomeisl, Chris Bergman, & Ashley Novak)

Varsity Tournaments Won
Rutgers University: 3 (tied for 2nd)

Varsity Final Round Appearances
Rutgers University: 4 (tied for 2nd)

For all this and more information on the APDA standings now and next semester, you can check the official APDA standings.