Rutgers debaters show off their shiny awards gained at NYU. Left to right: Stephen Yellin, Dave Reiss, Adam Bomeisl, Storey Clayton, Kyle Bomeisl, Bhargavi Sriram, Gordon Morrisette, Ashley Novak, Chris Bergman, Farhan Ali, and Krishna Kavi.

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) put up another dominant performance at New York University this weekend, one of the largest tournaments of the year. Consisting of nearly one-hundred teams, the field was formidable. Yet all five Rutgers teams made it to a “bubble round” after opening the tournament 10-0 after two rounds each. And two advanced to the quarterfinal draw, breaking as the 3- and 4-seeds respectively.

Here’s the long list of accomplishments for RUDU from NYU:
Chris Bergman & Farhan Ali – 6th Team
Dave Reiss & Kyle Bomeisl – 7th Team
Dave Reiss – 3rd Speaker
Kyle Bomeisl – 4th Speaker
Ashley Novak & Gordon Morrisette – 3rd Novice Team
Ashley Novak – 3rd Novice Speaker
Gordon Morrisette – 9th Novice Speaker

Chris & Farhan broke as one of three undefeated teams in in-rounds, compiling their first ever 5-0 record together. Dave & Kyle, meanwhile, went 4-1 but compiled the highest speaker-point total of any of the teams in attendance at the tournament. The performance will put Dave on the cusp of the top ten Speakers of the Year, while Ashely regains second place in the Novice of the Year standings with her award.

After opening the tournament 10-0, Rutgers teams went 7-8, but four of the eight losses were to teams that advanced to quarterfinals. RUDU teams ran into some tough cases in quarterfinals and novice semifinals, but still notched one of the best aggregate performances for the team in school history.

The North American Championships were held the last weekend in January at Fordham University, and while Rutgers fell short of its best showing, there were still some awards earned. The results had not been fully announced until recently, so they could not be reported until now:

Dave Reiss – 12th Speaker
Ashley Novak & Gordon Morrisette – 3rd Novice Team
Ashely Novak – 7th Novice Speaker
Gordon Morrisette – 8th Novice Speaker

If you’re thinking about joining the debate team, now is the time to get in for some training and experience! With three full months left in the debate season, there’s plenty of time to learn. Meetings and practices are every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 PM in Scott Hall 115.