Rutgers celebrates the great performance at Harvard in dramatic orange lighting. The largest tournament of the year provided RUDU’s best performance so far. Left to right: Kai Rau, Phil Davidar, Stephen Yellin, Maxwell Williams, Kurt Falk, Deepta Janardhan, Leland Perice, Bhargavi Sriram, Quinn Maingi, Sean Leonard, Alex Jubb, Chris Bergman, Daimler Vadlamuri, Kevin Amaral, Rachel Moon, Ashley Novak, Henry Phipps, Gordon Morrisette, Shreyas Jaganmohan, Russell Potter, Adam Bomeisl, Arbi Llaveshi, and Chris Baia.

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) posted its most successful weekend of the season so far at the largest tournament of the year. Ashley Novak & Gordon Morrisette broke to octofinals and beat the best teams from Princeton and Brandeis in out-rounds en route to a semifinal appearance and a 3rd-place finish. One-hundred and forty teams participated in the tournament, making it the largest regular-season contest of the year on APDA, as it is every year.

Two other Rutgers teams finished in the top twenty, with Quinn Maingi & Chris Bergman also breaking to octofinals. Ashley Novak and Quinn Maingi both received top ten speaker awards, at 5th and 10th respectively. Sean Leonard finished in the top ten novice speakers for the fifth time in five weekends this season.

Here are the official accomplishments in a full list:
Ashley Novak & Gordon Morrisette – 3rd Team
Quinn Maingi & Chris Bergman – 14th Team
Adam Bomeisl & Russell Potter – 18th Team
Ashley Novak – 5th Speaker
Quinn Maingi – 10th Speaker
Chris Bergman – 20th Speaker
Sean Leonard – 7th Novice Speaker

The speaker award for Novak is her second straight in the top five at tournaments with over a hundred teams. These performances have combined to put her as the third-ranked Speaker of the Year (SOTY) in the APDA rankings so far. She only trails two debaters from Harvard in the national standings.

Additionally, she and Gordon Morrisette are currently tied for the tenth-ranked Team of the Year (TOTY) and Sean Leonard opens the Novice of the Year (NOTY) ranked seventh.

This is the first time in RUDU history that the team has had three top-ten rankings in the individual and partnership ‘OTYs. RUDU overall is ranked 11th in the College of the Year (COTY) standings.

Rutgers is taking a season-high fourteen teams to the University of Maryland at College Park this coming weekend, seeking to improve its standing in all these rankings.