The RUDU contingent at UMBC poses for a celebratory shot after its second straight APDA-style final this season and third straight UMBC final in the last three years. Left to right: Sean Leonard, Henry Phipps, Russell Potter, Raynee Morris, Alex Jubb, Storey Clayton, Kurt Falk, Nisha Kumar, Kai Rau, Chris Bergman, Jamie DiVito, Meryem Uzumcu, Deepta Janardhan, Rachel Moon, and Quinn Maingi. (Not pictured: Adam Bomeisl)

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) brought the hurricane early to the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) with its third straight final round appearance at that school’s tournament. This time it was second-year duo Kurt Falk and Alex Jubb who beat American and Hopkins in quarters and semis en route to the final round. They lost the finals on a 7-2 decision to the Swarthmore team who is currently ranked third in the country as a partnership.

Here are the official accomplishments RUDU logged at UMBC:
Alex Jubb & Kurt Falk – 2nd Team
Chris Bergman – 3rd Speaker
Alex Jubb – 4th Speaker

The speaker awards for Bergman and Jubb give each of them a place in the prestigious annual Speaker of the Year (SOTY) rankings, joining Ashley Novak (who slipped to 3rd overall this weekend), Adam Bomeisl, and Falk. Both Bomeisl and Bergman were on teams that bubbled this weekend at UMBC (appearing in a 3-1 round that winning would put them in the break). Four total RUDU teams bubbled, but only the finalists made the elimination rounds.

The team performance, RUDU’s second straight final round appearance in an APDA-style tournament this year, gives Rutgers three teams in the top fifteen in the national rankings of partnerships (Team of the Year or TOTY). Bergman and regular partner Quinn Maingi are 11th in the TOTY standings, while Falk and Jubb join Novak and regular partner Gordon Morrisette at 13th. Only Yale, who has four teams in the top ten, has more high-performing teams in these rankings. In fact, Yale is the only other school to have more than one team in the top 15.

RUDU remains ranked 6th overall in APDA, narrowing the gap with Harvard this weekend. Yale, Brandeis, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, and Harvard are ahead of Rutgers in the rankings, while Princeton, NYU, American, and GW round out the top ten.

Hurricane Sandy is currently bearing down on New Jersey and its state university, as well as Washington DC, site of this weekend’s scheduled tournament at American University. Rutgers plans to flood the tournament with 14 teams, assuming the tournament is not literally flooded and unable to proceed.