Ashley Novak and Chris Bergman, pictured here from William & Mary, finished 10th team at Harvard after breaking with an undefeated 5-0 record.

Rutgers stormed the Harvard tournament with more than ten teams and came away with a 10th place showing at the largest contest of the season. Chris Bergman & Ashley Novak bested 116 of the 126 teams in attendance after breaking to octofinals with an undefeated 5-0 record, the first for Novak.

Meanwhile, Alex Jubb announced RUDU’s presence on the NOTY (Novice of the Year) scene, taking 5th place novice speaker and accordingly debuting at 5th in the NOTY standings after one week of that season. Every tournament except the North American Championships between now and Nationals (in late April) will count toward the NOTY rankings. Jubb is trying to make it a second straight year for RUDU in the NOTY rankings after Novak took second in those standings last year. She is sure to have company on the NOTY board soon from the rest of RUDU’s fantastic novice class.

Finally, the Bomeisl brothers missed the extremely competitive Harvard break despite a 4-1 record after defeating the sixth place team in the country in their bubble fifth round. The Pyrrhic win kept the latter team out of the break as well.

All five debaters and several more will be representing Rutgers at Maryland this weekend. RUDU is currently tied for 11th in the country overall, admittedly a slow start, but is still ahead of where it was at this time in last year’s historic season.