Rutgers Debate Union had a successful weekend at Swarthmore College, where this past tournament was a Pro-am tournament. This means that all pairs were varsity and novice teams. In addition, the tournament included motions, meaning everyone at the tournament debated the same topics chosen by the host school.

The union sent six teams to the tournament, where debaters both placed as individual speakers and broke as teams. The teams included Sean Leonard ’16 and Naeem Hossain ’18, Quinn Maingi ’15 and Minnal Kunnan ’16, George Alukal ’15 and Jessie Gugig ’17, Nick Hansen ’16 and An ’16, Russell Potter ’15 and Elise Zhou ’18, and Shweta Dipali ’18 and Lawrence Feltz ’16.

Leonard and Hossain as well as Maingi and Kunnan both broke to outrounds, with Maingi and Kunnan winning the tournament.  The union also brought home individual speaker awards: Naeem Hossain was 10th novice speaker, Minnal Kunnan was 4th novice speaker, Sean Leonard was 7th varsity speaker, and Quinn Maingi was 2nd varsity speaker. Congratulations to the individual debaters and participating teams!

Next week, RUDU looks forward to competing at American University.