This past weekend, the Rutgers debate team had a great time competingĀ at the beautiful University of Maryland. DebatingĀ at the tournament were Sean Leonard ’16, Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19, Mohammad Arif ’19, and Adarsh Rangan ’19. The team also sent two judges, Jamie DiVito ’16 and Elise Zhou ’18.

Every RUDU team that attended the tournament made it to out rounds, as Arif ’19 and Rangan ’19 broke to novice out rounds while Temkin ’18 and Albert ’19 broke to varsity out rounds despite being novices. Arif ’19 and Rangan ’19 made it to novice finals while Leonard ’16 went on to compete in the final varsity round of the tournament.

Individually, Leonard ’16 was third varsity speaker, Temkin ’18 was second novice speaker, and Albert ’19 was fifth novice speaker.

Congratulations to all of the debaters! This weekend, the team goes into NYC to compete at Fordham University.