The team poses victoriously after all of their successes! L – R: Max Albert, Pasha Temkin, Geneva Kropper, Sean Leonard, Jeremy Kritz, Larry Feltz, David Vinarov, Quinn Maingi

This weekend of February 19-20, RUDU participated in a Pro-Am tournament at the very scenic Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. As it was a Pro-AmĀ (Professional-Amateur) competition, the teams were paired as such:

  1. Sean Leonard ’16 and Jeremy Kritz ’19
  2. Geneva Kropper ’16 and Pasha Temkin ’18
  3. Max Albert ’19 and David Vinarov ’19

Treasurer Larry Feltz ’17 came along to judge. Each team did a fantastic job: Leonard ’16 and Kritz ’19 had a 4 -1 record and broke into out-rounds, while Kropper/Temkin and Albert/Vinarov both had the same 3-2 record, but only the former group broke. Leonard ’16 and Kritz ’19 made it to quarter-finals while Kropper ’16 and Temkin ’18 took one step further and made it to semi-finals! After this tournament, Kropper is also now qualified for nationals! The team was also reunited with former RUDU President, Quinn Maingi ’15! It was a great weekend.

Next week, RUDU will be attending American University II’s on February 26-27.