There were well over 100 teams competing at the Princeton tournament of April 1-2: as an uncontested tournament, debaters flocked from all across the country, from Stanford to Chicago to Swarthmore. There were novices, varsity debaters, and even a few dinos competing, but RUDU still managed to shine by breaking into outrounds and snagging the highest novice award of all! The teams were as follows:

  • Sean Leonard ’16 and Geneva Kropper ’16
  • Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19
  • Jeremy Kritz ’19 and a GW hybrid
  • Larry Feltz ‘16 and Andrea Vacchiano ‘19

Judging with us were RUDU dinos Russell Potter ‘15 and Chris Bergman ‘13.

Two of our four teams broke into outrounds. Novices Temkin ‘18/Albert ‘19 picked up octofinals against Megan Wilson and Evan Lynyak from Yale, who are currently tied for Team of the Year! It was a great round, and very impressive for our novices to win against such a well-regarded team. The two then made it to quarterfinals, placing them as 7th Team of the Year, right behind Leonard/Kropper who are 6th. Leonard ‘16/Kropper ‘16 also shot through their rounds, performing beautifully and making it to octofinals before dropping to another Yale team. The greatest accomplishment of the weekend was when Vice-President Max Albert ‘19, triumphing over the many other promising young novices on the APDA circuit, was named Top Novice Speaker!

Next weekend, RUDU will be driving all the way down to Williamsburg, Virginia to debate at The College of William and Mary. This will be our third-to-last tournament for the year, as nationals are approaching very quickly. Good luck to the debaters! We will also be having RUDU elections this week.