This past weekend, RUDU visited Harvard University in Boston and competed at a motions tournament. At a motions tournament, all of the topics are chosen by the host school before the start of each debate and everyone competing at the tournament debates the same resolution. Team preparation is not allowed and each round allots 15 minutes of preparation time for the teams to gather their best arguments.

Representing Rutgers Debate were varsity Sean Leonard ’16, Vidhaath Sripathi ’17, and novices Mohammad Arif ’18 and Mahaksh Kotdawala ’18, and Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19. Temkin ’18 and Albert ’19 broke into novice out rounds and finished the tournament as top and third novice speaker respectively. Following this success, Temkin ’18 is currently top Novice of the Year and Albert ’19 is second Novice of the Year. Congratulations to all participating debaters!

Next week, RUDU will be debating at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.