This past weekend of March 18-19 – the last few days of Spring Break at Rutgers, sadly – RUDU traveled to compete at the prestigious Georgetown University for our last D.C. tournament of the year. Our debaters were victorious in continuing their streak of winning top titles! Our teams were as follows:

  • Sean Leonard ’16/Geneva Kropper ’16
  • Pasha Temkin ’18/Max Albert ’19
  • David Vinarov ’19/Hybrid

On the varsity side, Leonard’16/Kropper’16 performed extremely well! Leonard’16 got Third Varsity Speaker, and together he and Kropper made it to finals as Second Varsity Team! Although they ended up dropping the final round, their spectacular record at the tournament garnered them more TOTY points and shot them up to Fifth Team of the Year, in the entire country, after debating for a little more than a month! Congrats to Sean and Geneva!

Temkin’18/Albert’19 shot through the Novice competition and won Novice Finals! Albert’19 got Second Novice Speaker and Temkin’18 got Third Novice Speaker. They achieved such high scores as novices that they were eligible for individual Varsity awards – a very great accomplishment that they seem to get quite often! Albert’19 was named Fourth Varsity Speaker – a stunning accomplishment and Temkin’18 impressively got Ninth Varsity Speaker.

Next week, the team will be debating at the beautiful University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia on March 25-26.