The six officers elected to comprise RUDU's 2012 Executive Board.

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) elected its newly shaped six-person Executive Board (E-Board) Tuesday night after completing one of the most successful competitive semesters in its history. The E-Board was expanded from four to six members to reflect the growing needs of a club that has over tripled in size since last year and sent over fifty unique individuals to American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA) tournaments in this term alone.

Junior Chris Bergman was re-elected to his position as President. Junior Bhargavi Sriram was elected to serve as Vice President. She will also be Co-Tournament Director of the 2012 Rutgers tournament next February, as decided in the spring. Sophomore Ashley Novak was re-elected Treasurer. Novice junior Henry Phipps was elected Public Relations Chair. Freshman Kurt Falk was elected to the new position of Novice Mentor. Novice sophomore Alex Jubb was elected to the new position of Alumni Coordinator.

The 2012 E-Board is the first in recent memory to be elected without the requirement of a single run-off as all winners gained a majority on the first ballot. The E-Board is also the first in RUDU’s history to be 50% (or more) female.

RUDU changed from an academic-year to calendar-year term for its E-Board to facilitate smooth transitions and the participation of second-semester novices by a vote of the Debate Union in the spring. A transitional six-month E-Board term ended just prior to this election. The new group will serve until December 2012.