The vast Rutgers contingent at F&M gathers for the post-finals photo with plenty of shiny hardware. Left to right: Jason Boyle, Thomas O'Rourke, Corey Girard, Stephen Yellin, Kurt Falk, Alex Jubb, Henry Phipps, Quinn Maingi, Kyle Bomeisl, Storey Clayton, Amanda Gaetano, Russell Potter, Ashley Novak, Asher Wasserman, Adam Bomeisl, Arbi Llaveshi, Daimler Vadlamuri, Rachel Cusumano, Archie Babu, and Sarthi Tuli.

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) put together another successful weekend at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this weekend. Kyle Bomeisl & Stephen Yellin broke and knocked off the top seed in quarterfinals en route to a 4th place finish. They were joined in the varsity break by Ashley Novak, who took 5th speaker overall, and Arbi Llaveshi. Meanwhile, on the novice side, three teams broke to novice semifinals. Henry Phipps and Alex Jubb beat a fellow Rutgers team in semis and then a Maryland team in finals to finish second overall in the novice division (a novice team broke to varsity outs) while winning a novice final round for their first time ever.

Here are the many achievements for RUDU at F&M:
Kyle Bomeisl & Stephen Yellin – 4th Team
Ashley Novak & Arbi Llaveshi – 6th Team
Ashley Novak – 5th Speaker
Stephen Yellin – 7th Speaker
Henry Phipps & Alex Jubb – 2nd Novice Team
Quinn Maingi & Kurt Falk – 4th Novice Team
Asher Wasserman & Daimler Vadlamuri – 5th Novice Team
Quinn Maingi – 2nd Novice Speaker
Asher Wasserman – 6th Novice Speaker
Henry Phipps – 7th Novice Speaker
Russell Potter – 9th Novice Speaker

The novice speaker finish was the first ever for Wasserman, who now becomes RUDU’s league-leading 8th novice on the the prestigious NOTY (Novice of the Year) board, surpassing Yale’s 7. Meanwhile, Potter won a novice speaker award for the fourth straight tournament and Maingi bolstered his top ten NOTY credentials.

RUDU remains ranked 8th in the country so far this season with 120 points, 15.5 behind 7th-place Bates College and 17.5 ahead of 9th-place University of Chicago. Five regular season tournaments remain before the National Championships at Wesleyan University.

RUDU has four qualified debaters to attend Nationals, with Yellin and Adam Bomeisl half-way to being numbers five and six.