Rutgers continued its streak of breaking to varsity or novice out-rounds every weekend this season at the Harvard tournament, the largest of the year.

Weighing in at nearly 140 teams, Harvard’s field was little match for Dave Reiss & Kyle Bomeisl, who made octofinals with a 4-1 record, running their annual in-rounds total to 16-4.

While they dropped on a contentious 2-1 decision in octos, they placed 14th overall and caught the attention of several teams they debated, notching wins over Yale, Middlebury, Tufts, and Duke.

Dave Reiss was just a half-point behind the top ten speaker rankings as well.

Rutgers’ coach, Storey Clayton, competed in a small tournament for elite debaters on Sunday at Harvard, one almost entirely comprised of former APDA debaters. He and his partner, Jake Campbell of Boston University, took second place, losing an 8-3 decision in Finals.

This weekend, Rutgers will be flooding the University of Maryland tournament with a contingent of six teams. Join us Tuesday and Thursday at 9 PM in Scott Hall 115 to prepare!