It’s been a busy weekend for the Rutgers University Debate Union, and one of the most successful.

The Swarthmore Novice Tournament gave an opportunity for ten of our newest debaters to compete against other novice debaters. Every team that attended won at least two rounds and everyone improved greatly over the course of the tournament.

The Rutgers “Wasteland Messiah” team, Ashley Novak and Gordon Morrisette, compiled the first undefeated in-rounds record (5-0) in modern RUDU history and broke as the #1 seed in the tournament. While they dropped in quarterfinals and finished 5th overall, Ashley took 2nd speaker and Gordon took 5th. This bodes extremely well for the start of the Novice of the Year (NOTY) season, which opens next week at Harvard.

Meanwhile, RUDU has been recognized in the Rutgers school paper, the Daily Targum. The article has Rutgers’ APDA ranking at 12th when it is 10th in College of the Year (COTY) and 13th in Team of the Year (TOTY). Nevertheless, the article captures the spirit of the team and its recent meteoric rise.