The RUDU contingent at William & Mary after the quarterfinal rounds. Left to right: Dave Reiss, Stephen Yellin, Kyle Bomeisl, Thomas O'Rourke, Adam Bomeisl, Ashley Novak, Kurt Falk, Chris Bergman, Storey Clayton, Steli Cambilis, Arbi Llaveshi, Tina Dukandar, Bhargavi Sriram, Asher Wasserman, Aditya Singh, Rachel Cusumano, Sarthi Tuli, and Quinn Maingi.

The Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) returned to the national rankings this weekend as William & Mary hosted an eventful tournament for the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA). Two RUDU partnerships “broke” to varsity quarterfinals, finishing in the top six with 4-1 records apiece.

Here are the official awards:
Ashley Novak: 9th Speaker
Kyle Bomeisl: 7th Speaker
Kyle Bomeisl & Adam Bomeisl: 6th Team
Ashley Novak & Chris Bergman: 5th Team

The break was the first ever to varsity elimination rounds for the younger of the Bomeisl brothers, giving Adam two points toward qualification for Nationals along with his three RUDU teammates. Fourteen total points throughout the season are needed to qualify. Last year, RUDU was tied for third in the country with five total debaters qualified.

Meanwhile, a successful weekend was logged for many of the RUDU contingent, including another strong showing by four total novice teams and a bubble round for second-year pair Stephen Yellin & Thomas O’Rourke. They were narrowly bested by a hybrid team from GWU and the University of Chicago for a spot in quarters.

While the official APDA rankings have yet to be released for this week, it is certain that RUDU will return to the top ten, likely landing at 7th so far in this young season. Last year, RUDU spent much of the year ranked 4th after peaking at 2nd, finishing 5th overall in the APDA school standings.

Columbia University will host the third tournament of the year for RUDU this weekend in New York City.

6th Place Team: Adam Bomeisl & Kyle Bomeisl
5th Place Team: Ashley Novak & Chris Bergman