The past two weeks have been quite eventful for RUDU! The most recent tournament was at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA on March 11-12. Sean Leonard ’16 and Geneva Kropper ’16 surprised no one by debating exceptionally and garnering Third Varsity Team and getting Second and Fourth Varsity Speaker, respectively. In the novice competition, Max Albert ’19 and Pasha Temkin’18, our Vice President and President, got First and Second Place as Novice Speakers, AND broke to Varsity and was named Fifth Varsity Team! Albert ’19 and Temkin ’18 also were named Seventh and Eighth Varsity Speakers, respectively, which means that four out of the ten individual varsity speaking awards went to Rutgers, and two of the recipients were Rutgers novices! David Vinarov ’19 got his first speaking award, garnering Eighth Novice Speaker and winning Novice Finals with a debater from GW, while Jeremy Kritz ’19 was crowned Ninth Novice Speaker. RUDU was also reunited with dinos Deepta Janardhan ’14, Quinn Maingi ’15, and George Alukal ’15!

RUDU enjoyed modest success at the West Point Tournament on March 4-5. Leonard ’16 teamed up with Andrew Bowles from George Washington and placed as Fifth Varsity Team. Albert ’19 got placed as Third Novice Speaker AND Sixth Varsity Speaker, and teamed up with Temkin ’18 to be crowned Third Novice Team.

As Rutgers students enjoy Spring Break, our debaters will be preparing for a tournament at Georgetown this coming Friday and Saturday of March 18-19. Props to them for taking time out of their break to continue to keep Rutgers’ good name alive in the APDA community!