RUDU Goes to Georgetown: Wins Novice Finals, Leonard/Kropper Move to 5th TOTY!

This past weekend of March 18-19 – the last few days of Spring Break at Rutgers, sadly – RUDU traveled to compete at the prestigious Georgetown University for our last D.C. tournament of the year. Our debaters were victorious in continuing their streak of winning top titles! Our teams were as follows:

  • Sean Leonard ’16/Geneva Kropper ’16
  • Pasha Temkin ’18/Max Albert ’19
  • David Vinarov ’19/Hybrid

On the varsity side, Leonard’16/Kropper’16 performed extremely well! Leonard’16 got Third Varsity Speaker, and together he and Kropper made it to finals as Second Varsity Team! Although they ended up dropping the final round, their spectacular record at the tournament garnered them more TOTY points and shot them up to Fifth Team of the Year, in the entire country, after debating for a little more than a month! Congrats to Sean and Geneva!

Temkin’18/Albert’19 shot through the Novice competition and won Novice Finals! Albert’19 got Second Novice Speaker and Temkin’18 got Third Novice Speaker. They achieved such high scores as novices that they were eligible for individual Varsity awards – a very great accomplishment that they seem to get quite often! Albert’19 was named Fourth Varsity Speaker – a stunning accomplishment and Temkin’18 impressively got Ninth Varsity Speaker.

Next week, the team will be debating at the beautiful University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia on March 25-26.

Recapping RUDU’s Past Two Weeks

The past two weeks have been quite eventful for RUDU! The most recent tournament was at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA on March 11-12. Sean Leonard ’16 and Geneva Kropper ’16 surprised no one by debating exceptionally and garnering Third Varsity Team and getting Second and Fourth Varsity Speaker, respectively. In the novice competition, Max Albert ’19 and Pasha Temkin’18, our Vice President and President, got First and Second Place as Novice Speakers, AND broke to Varsity and was named Fifth Varsity Team! Albert ’19 and Temkin ’18 also were named Seventh and Eighth Varsity Speakers, respectively, which means that four out of the ten individual varsity speaking awards went to Rutgers, and two of the recipients were Rutgers novices! David Vinarov ’19 got his first speaking award, garnering Eighth Novice Speaker and winning Novice Finals with a debater from GW, while Jeremy Kritz ’19 was crowned Ninth Novice Speaker. RUDU was also reunited with dinos Deepta Janardhan ’14, Quinn Maingi ’15, and George Alukal ’15!

RUDU enjoyed modest success at the West Point Tournament on March 4-5. Leonard ’16 teamed up with Andrew Bowles from George Washington and placed as Fifth Varsity Team. Albert ’19 got placed as Third Novice Speaker AND Sixth Varsity Speaker, and teamed up with Temkin ’18 to be crowned Third Novice Team.

As Rutgers students enjoy Spring Break, our debaters will be preparing for a tournament at Georgetown this coming Friday and Saturday of March 18-19. Props to them for taking time out of their break to continue to keep Rutgers’ good name alive in the APDA community!

RUDU Smashes It in D.C., Garners Top Awards at American U.

RUDU spent the beautiful weekend of Feb. 27-28 at American University in Washington, D.C., and continued to make all of us in New Brunswick proud by performing phenomenally! The teams were as follows:

  • Sean Leonard ’16 and Geneva Kropper ’16
  • Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19
  • David Vinarov ’19, debating on a hybrid team

Leonard ’16 and Kropper ’16, both being crowned second and third best varsity speakers at the tournament, triumphed through all of their rounds and made it all the way to finals! In the final round, they dropped to Wang/Bowles from George Washington, which marks the second time in a row that the duo was crowned Second Varsity Team at a tournament! It is also the second time that they have debated together for Rutgers, and they are now ranked 9th Team of the Year!

Meanwhile, our two exceptional novices Temkin ’18/Albert ’19 absolutely dominated the novice competition and won novice finals in the end! As for speaking awards, their records were so good that a coin toss needed to be performed to decide which one would be Top Novice Speaker and which one would be Second Novice Speaker, with Albert ’19 lucking out and getting the top title! Because of this, he also won Tenth Varsity Speaker.

The cumulative awards were as follows:

  • Second Varsity Team: Leonard ’16 and Kropper ’16
  • Second Varsity Speaker: Leonard ’16
  • Third Varsity Speaker: Kropper ’16
  • Tenth Varsity Speaker: Albert ’19 (a novice!)
  • Eleventh Varsity Speaker: Temkin ’18 (a novice!)
  • Top Novice Team: Temkin ’18 and Albert ’19
  • Top Novice Speaker: Albert ’19
  • Second Novice Speaker: Temkin ’18

Next weekend, from March 4 – 5, the team will be at West Point! It will be a very interesting tournament.

RUDU Goes to Pro-Ams at F&M, Breaks Twice

The team poses victoriously after all of their successes! L – R: Max Albert, Pasha Temkin, Geneva Kropper, Sean Leonard, Jeremy Kritz, Larry Feltz, David Vinarov, Quinn Maingi

This weekend of February 19-20, RUDU participated in a Pro-Am tournament at the very scenic Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. As it was a Pro-Am (Professional-Amateur) competition, the teams were paired as such:

  1. Sean Leonard ’16 and Jeremy Kritz ’19
  2. Geneva Kropper ’16 and Pasha Temkin ’18
  3. Max Albert ’19 and David Vinarov ’19

Treasurer Larry Feltz ’17 came along to judge. Each team did a fantastic job: Leonard ’16 and Kritz ’19 had a 4 -1 record and broke into out-rounds, while Kropper/Temkin and Albert/Vinarov both had the same 3-2 record, but only the former group broke. Leonard ’16 and Kritz ’19 made it to quarter-finals while Kropper ’16 and Temkin ’18 took one step further and made it to semi-finals! After this tournament, Kropper is also now qualified for nationals! The team was also reunited with former RUDU President, Quinn Maingi ’15! It was a great weekend.

Next week, RUDU will be attending American University II’s on February 26-27.

RUDU Makes it to Finals at GWII

Last week, RUDU was happy to host a tournament and APDA meeting in our own New Brunswick. It was wonderful to be reunited with former members and we hoped that everyone enjoyed themselves!

This past weekend of Feb. 12-13, RUDU traveled to Washington, D.C. to debate at George Washington University. We welcomed a new member, Geneva Kropper, who hails from University of Maryland and officially became a Rutgers debater recently. She got her future with RUDU off to an excellent start with her phenomenal debates this weekend with Sean Leonard ’16. After making it to finals and dropping to a team from Franklin and Marshall, the two placed as Second Varsity Team! Individually, Leonard ’16 garnered Third Varsity Speaker and Kropper was awarded Eighth Varsity Speaker.

Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19 continue to do Rutgers proud by winning the title of Third Best Novice Team at the tournament. The pair also broke into the top ten for individual novice awards: Temkin’ 18 was awarded Seventh Novice Speaker and Albert ’19 was honored with Fourth Novice Speaker.

Next week, the team will be headed to Lancaster, PA to debate at Franklin and Marshall!

RUDU Goes to Albany and Closes Out; Sets Historic Records

The team poses victoriously outside of a Cracker Barrel in Albany, NY, following their triumph

Even though the Rutgers Debate Union wasn’t able to attend NorthAms in Ontario last week due to inclement weather, the successes of last weekend’s tournament at University at Albany, SUNY on January 29 and 30 certainly compensated for whatever feelings of regret or disappointment that our members were perhaps harboring. For the first time in Rutgers history, our debaters closed out the tournament: Top Varsity Team went to Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19, who are two novices and our current President and Vice President respectively. Second place went to Sean Leonard ’16 and Nick Hansen ’16, the former holders of the aforementioned offices. Our worthy competitors were from Swarthmore (beat four times!), Dartmouth, Brandeis, Yale (beat twice!), and many other universities. The Temkin-Albert feat is especially exceptional when considering that they, being a novice team, triumphed over actual varsity teams by attaining the title of Top Varsity Team, and are now tied for Fourth Top Team in the country! This is the first time in APDA (American Parliamentary Debate Association) history that a novice team has ever made the top ten for varsity. Rutgers has also risen to 6th College of the Year (still being the only public school in the top ten), following a lead ahead of Stanford, American, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins.  More information on current rankings can be seen here.

Our complete rankings at University of Albany, SUNY:

  • Top Varsity Team: Pasha Temkin* ’18 and Max Albert ’19*
  • Second Varsity Team: Sean Leonard ’16 and Nick Hansen ’16
  • Second Varsity Speaker: Pasha Temkin ’18*
  • Third Varsity Speaker: Sean Leonard ’16
  • Ninth Varsity Speaker: Max Albert ’19*
  • Top Novice Team: Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19
  • Top Novice Speaker: Max Albert ’19
  • Second Novice Speaker: Pasha Temkin ’18

 * signifies a novice getting a varsity award

Also debating at the tournament were Treasurer Larry Feltz ’17 and Jeremy “Jimmy” Kritz ’19, and PR Chair Andrea Vacchiano ’19 with David Vlnarov ’19. Judging with us was our new novice, David Blanco ’18. RUDU was also delightfully reunited with our former President, Quinn Maingi ’15, at the tournament.

This past weekend was an excellent way to wrap things up before we host our own tournament on February 5 and 6. We are looking forward to hosting an APDA meeting and will be expecting over 100 teams!

RUDU Goes to CMU: Leonard continues his winning streak, Temkin and Albert climb from novice to varsity!

Classes start again this Tuesday at Rutgers, and members of the debate union spent their last weekend of winter break competing at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Debating at the tournament were Sean Leonard ’16, Naeem Hossain ’18, Pasha Temkin ’18, Elise Zhou ’18 and Max Albert ’19. Larry Feltz ’17 also came along to judge rounds.

Our President and Vice President, Temkin ’18 and Albert ’19, performed remarkably as a novice team, having an impeccable record of 5 – 0 before breaking and making it to quarter finals. Temkin ’18 was awarded 3rd Novice Speaker and Albert ’19 was named 4th Novice Speaker. They both performed so well that they moved up to the varsity level and were named 7th Varsity Speaker and 10th Varsity Speaker, respectively!

Just like last week, Leonard ’16 outperformed at the tournament and placed as Top Varsity Speaker! He also paired up with Geneva Kropper from University of Maryland and together they conquered the final rounds and placed as Top Varsity Team of the tournament!

Finally, Hossain ’18 and Zhou ’18 also had an admirable record of 3 – 2! RUDU had a great tournament, congratulations to all of the debaters at Rutgers and the other schools! Next weekend, a few of our members are crossing the US/Canadian border to debate at the North American Championships Tournament at Queens College in Kingston, Ontario. This is a very prestigious gathering of debaters and there is no doubt that RUDU deserves to be there.

In addition, RUDU will have a spot at the Spring Involvement Fair this Monday at the College Avenue Gym from 1pm to 4pm. Feel free to join us!

RUDU Goes to CUNY: Sean Leonard Takes the Entire Tournament!

Last weekend, members of the Rutgers University Debate Team took time out of their winter break to compete at City University of New York. Debating at the tournament were Sean Leonard ’16, Pasha Temkin ’18, and Max Albert ’19. RUDU alumnus, George Alukal ’15, also came to support the team.

Leonard ’16 won the entire tournament by winning first place as Varsity Team with Eric Tannenbaum from TCNJ and getting first-place for Varsity Speaker! He continues to make Rutgers proud with his achievements.

Temkin ’18 and Albert ’19 also conquered the novice division by placing as the third best Novice Team! Individually, they were ranked 6th Novice Speaker and 7th Novice Speaker, respectively.

Congratulations to all of the debaters! Next weekend, the team will be going to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

RUDU in Finals at Maryland!

This past weekend, the Rutgers debate team had a great time competing at the beautiful University of Maryland. Debating at the tournament were Sean Leonard ’16, Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19, Mohammad Arif ’19, and Adarsh Rangan ’19. The team also sent two judges, Jamie DiVito ’16 and Elise Zhou ’18.

Every RUDU team that attended the tournament made it to out rounds, as Arif ’19 and Rangan ’19 broke to novice out rounds while Temkin ’18 and Albert ’19 broke to varsity out rounds despite being novices. Arif ’19 and Rangan ’19 made it to novice finals while Leonard ’16 went on to compete in the final varsity round of the tournament.

Individually, Leonard ’16 was third varsity speaker, Temkin ’18 was second novice speaker, and Albert ’19 was fifth novice speaker.

Congratulations to all of the debaters! This weekend, the team goes into NYC to compete at Fordham University.

RUDU Goes to Harvard; Temkin Wins Top Novice!

This past weekend, RUDU visited Harvard University in Boston and competed at a motions tournament. At a motions tournament, all of the topics are chosen by the host school before the start of each debate and everyone competing at the tournament debates the same resolution. Team preparation is not allowed and each round allots 15 minutes of preparation time for the teams to gather their best arguments.

Representing Rutgers Debate were varsity Sean Leonard ’16, Vidhaath Sripathi ’17, and novices Mohammad Arif ’18 and Mahaksh Kotdawala ’18, and Pasha Temkin ’18 and Max Albert ’19. Temkin ’18 and Albert ’19 broke into novice out rounds and finished the tournament as top and third novice speaker respectively. Following this success, Temkin ’18 is currently top Novice of the Year and Albert ’19 is second Novice of the Year. Congratulations to all participating debaters!

Next week, RUDU will be debating at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.