The horde of Rutgers debaters and judges at Hopkins assembles for the standard post-awards photo, featuring novice plaques and gavels. Left to right: Daimler Vadlamuri, Quinn Maingi, Archana Babu, Daman Anand, Dave Reiss, Alex Jubb, Austin Zhuyan, Asher Wasserman, Jasmeet Bawa, Sarthi Tuli, Taaj Robinson, Kurt Falk, Ashley Novak, Stephen Yellin, Bhargavi Sriram, Russell Potter, Storey Clayton, Aditya Singh, Arbi Llaveshi, Henry Phipps, Kyle Bomeisl, and Adam Bomeisl.

It’s no secret that the Rutgers University Debate Union (RUDU) has recruited the largest novice class in the history of Rutgers’ tenure on the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA). The opening tournament of the year at Johns Hopkins indicated that it may be the best class as well.

RUDU stormed the tournament with ten full teams, seven of them novice partnerships, en route to placing two of those seven in the novice semifinals. While both of those pairs were forced to Gov in semis en route to dropping the rounds, the success bodes well for a first-year class brimming with talent and enthusiasm for parliamentary debate.

Here are the official RUDU results from JHU 2011:
Quinn Maingi & Russell Potter – 3rd Novice Team
Alex Jubb & Henry Phipps – 4th Novice Team
Quinn Maingi – 7th Novice Speaker
Russell Potter – 10th Novice Speaker

Meanwhile, highly-touted varsity team Chris Bergman & Ashley Novak dropped a razor-thin bubble round that would have put them in the varsity break and other varsity pairs kicked off the rust of a long summer. Both the varsity and novice squads will be back in action next weekend at the College of William and Mary.