Welcome back, Scarlet Knights! The Rutgers University Debate Union is very pleased to be hosting two demonstration rounds for the first week of classes of the Fall 2016 semester – on Tuesday, September 6 and Thursday, September 8, our varsity members will be doing demonstration rounds to give a brief overview of what parliamentary debate is like. They will be in room 212 of the School of Communication and Information building on College Avenue, whose entrance is tangential to Alexander Library. The meeting will begin at 9PM with snacks and a brief overview of what parliamentary debate is, and will culminate in an exciting round between our varsity debaters. Our two former novices, Max Albert ’19 and Pasha Temkin ’18 were respectively ranked Second- and Third Novice Speakers on one of the most prestigious debating circuits in the world, the American Parliamentary Debate Association. They also broke an APDA record by being ranked Seventh Team of the Year and being the first novice-novice team to break into the top ten Teams of the Year. The circuit contains every Ivy League university, Stanford, MIT, UChicago, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, Williams, and other top schools. Rutgers was also ranked Seventh Club of the Year. If you’re interested in reading more about the 2015-16 season, click here.

Despite the competitive success of the Rutgers team, we welcome absolutely all Rutgers students to join! Our members have what ranges from four years of high school experience to absolutely none. No high school experience is required for competing on APDA or being apart of RUDU. We also welcome students who have experience in policy debate, public forum, Lincoln-Douglas, speech, Model UN, Model Congress, and mock trial to come give parliamentary a try! You can RSVP through the Facebook event page or by emailing rutgersdebate@gmail.com, for those without Facebook.

The week after the demonstration rounds, RUDU will host break-out sessions and workshops for students interested in continuing debate.  It is heavily recommended that any students interested in RUDU participate in these workshops, as they will prove to be invaluable as the year goes on. Any students still interested in debate can come to our regular Tuesday and Thursday meetings to practice and learn more about debate!