Elections are Upcoming for the Fall 2011 E-Board!

Elections will be held on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 9:00 PM in Scott Hall 115. The deadline to declare your candidacy for a position has passed. “Drop-downs” will be allowed – if you run for any office and do not win, you may enter the election for a lower position. You may skip a position as you drop-down (e.g. drop-down from President straight to Treasurer). All positions are mutually exclusive from other positions, except for Tournament Director and Webmaster, both of which may be held in addition to any other position. Candidate statements are below.

In addition to E-Board elections, amendments to the Bylaws may also be voted upon and passed on the April 26th Elections Meeting. Coach Storey Clayton is proposing three such amendments.

Here’s who’s running – candidate statements appear below with each position. Please remember that “drop-downs” are allowed:

President: Chris Bergman, Kyle Bomeisl, Bhargavi Sriram
Vice Preisdent: Adam Bomeisl, Nisha Kumar
Treasurer: Ashley Novak
PR Chair: Alex Weiss, Stephen Yellin
Tournament Director: Bhargavi Sriram, Stephen Yellin
Webmaster: None (indicating likely support for the position’s removal – see below)

Here are the E-Board positions, with candidate statements for each:

The President is the leader of the team, responsible for running meetings in conjunction with the Coach, communicating with the team and other member schools of APDA, and coordinating and submitting all registrations for tournaments in a timely fashion. The President must also attend all APDA Meetings as the voting member for RUDU, or designate someone to do so in the case of their absence. The President may have many additional duties arise over the course of their tenure in the same capacity of representing the team both within and outside of the university.

Chris Bergman
Hey everyone, I’m running for President. President is a very demanding position—it requires timeliness, because if you miss a deadline for pre-reg, the team has difficulty sending teams to tournaments. It requires experience running meetings, because the President starts every meeting. It requires being the Rutgers team representative to the rest of APDA. And it requires the ability to learn from mistakes so that if anything goes wrong, it doesn’t go wrong in the future.


I’ve shown I can do things on time in the past and I will continue to do so. To give a few examples, I said I would reg our tournament for spring scheduling, and I did so within 2 hours; I registered rooms for our tournament 2 full months in advance, which is unprecedented (usually it’s done less than a month in advance); I purchased trophies weeks in advance; and I’m always on time for practices and tournaments. Ask yourself: if the Presidency requires meeting a deadline, who on the team would you trust? I’m confident you can trust me with this.


I have had a lot of experience in managing and running clubs in the past. In high school, I was the president of the Debate Club, Future Problem Solving Club, and the Federal Reserve Challenge Club. Additionally, I was the Vice President of French Club and National Honors Society. Finally, I was on the E-Board as the Tournament Director this year and, with one main mistake in registering for rooms, I ran the tournament pretty well. This shows I’ve run clubs before, I’ve helped manage this club this year, and I’m qualified to run meetings.

Rutgers Representative to APDA

Everyone on APDA knows me, and I have almost as many connections to other teams as Storey. When people talk about the Rutgers team, I’m one of the first people they think of because I take time to talk to other teams, and I’ll be able to represent the team as the President effectively.

Ability to Recognize and Learn from Mistakes

As Tournament Director, I did a good job with one major flaw: although I got rooms way in advance, I didn’t book any lecture halls. I learned from this, and I worked to get lecture halls with Storey and Dave. What does this mean? I’m able to say that I did something wrong, and will work to be better in the future. Ask yourself, will this candidate admit to making a mistake? Will this candidate take responsibility for his actions? If you answer “no” for a candidate for President, don’t vote for them. Vote for me.

Kyle Bomeisl
I’m not crazy about flowery speeches, so I’m just going to lay out the unique things that separate me from the other presidential candidates:

(1) My Role as Treasurer – At the beginning of my term as Treasurer we had a budget of $1,578 per year. We are now at about $30,000 per year plus the fleet of vans, the debate building, and Storey’s package complete with salary, office space, and other amenities. The strategy I pursued as Treasurer was to include evidence of why funding meant debate success by showing how many tournaments, speaker awards, and top finishes we won per dollar. For example, on the Spring Budget Application I attached a chart that showed how many awards we won per dollar (for example: “for the $800 the University spent sending us to George Washington University we were able to win the tournament, place a team 3rd, win 5th speaker and 9th speaker, and advance to 3rd Team of the Year. That’s a drop in the bucket for the greatest honors Rutgers has to show!”.) After submitting such documentation with the budget for Spring Semester, I was contacted by Dean Anne Hull and VP of Student Affairs Gregory Bleming congratulating us on our success and thanking us for Project Civility. I was able to convince them to give us Winnants Hall on Old Queen’s Campus and additional funding for our tournament. I kept them posted on our success and told them exactly how every dollar was spent and showed them our rankings at every tournament to show them the massive returns every dollar yielded. This began a fruitful relationship between the eboard and the Board of Governors that culminated in Mr. Gregory Bleming offering a meeting to David, myself, Storey, and Farhan. It was at this meeting that we were given virtually limitless funding from central to compete at tournaments, a job position for Storey, a fleet of vans, and now an actual debate building. I would like to continue this tradition of representing us to the University administration as a valuable empirically proven asset as president.

It is also important to note here the skill and dedication necessary to perform the job of Treasurer even adaquetely. To reimburse one check the following steps are necessary:

(1) collect and collate receipts by person

(2) verify that the receipts were expended on valid debate activities (otherwise there would be disciplinary action for me)

(3) Fill out a PERR form, attach the receipts after photocopying them and storing them on record

(4) Take the completed PERR form to Kevin Killen at the Busch Student Center and have him approve all expenditures

(5) Take these approved forms to the SAC on College Ave and have the validate and file all of these request, additional paperwork such as invoices are often requested at this step

(6) Come back to the SAC in 14 business days to pick up the checks, and then distribute them

** All this is just check reimbursement, I also have to fill out budgets, go to RUSA appeals meetings, pay for tournaments (which is similar to the check reimbursement procedure), and complete periodic audits from SABO. Unlike our previous Treasurers, SABO considers me to have a “perfect record,” in other words, no errors have been made in performing these tasks and all financial records have been reconciled perfectly whenever I have been audited. You can see all of this information in our facebook group as I have publicly posted it.

(2) Eboard experience- I was webmaster and PR Chair in my sophomore and junior year and Treasurer this year. As webmaster and PR chair, I recruited a large amount of promising novices who now form our sophomore and junior class. I have been to a tremendous amount of eboard meetings, understand how the board functions well, and have a wealth of experience in everything from rechartering to amending our constitution.

(3) Commitment to the Team – I have been part of this team for three years and have participated and sacrificed avidly for it. I have also been a responsible member and eboard member and have not ever been cited for breaking codes of conduct. That not only shows that I am reliable and dedicated, but that I genuinely love debate and the Rutgers Debate Union. Believe me, I live and breathe it. As far as I remember, I only missed 1-2 meetings for things like exams in this entire three year stretch. Throughout my three years, I have
(end of 750-word limit)

Bhargavi Sriram
Hey everyone! I’m Bhargavi Sriram and I’m running for President Of RUDU. I’m asking for your vote for three reasons : I promise to be dedicated, effective and a great leader. (Also, because I’m awesome but we can discuss that later.)

Dedication: Over the past two years, I have been increasingly involved with the Debate Union. I have attended every tournament possible, this year, and I’ve actively attended team activities. I think the dedication I have shown gives me a great advantage were I to become President. I have had two years of experience during when I have seen mistakes being made and two years during when I have learnt from those mistakes. Any decision I will make will be backed by that experience. This is also important because The President will be the voting member on APDA. I have made it a point to drag myself and other team members to every APDA meeting at any tournament I have been to; be it an equity forum or an APDA board meeting. As an emerging superpower (oh yeah) on APDA , it is imperative that RUDU be well represented at meetings. I think it would be fair to say that I’ve shown more enthusiasm about these, fairly long, kinda boring meetings, than anyone else on the club. With me as President, I will make sure that RUDU is never given raw deal.

Effectiveness: Apart from Debate, I have had positions of power at other organizations. I was the Public Relations chair my freshman year and then I was voted in again to become treasurer for Roosevelt Institute. I was always very good at my job and I also learned my way around the RU Screw. Other leadership experience on campus will ensure that I don’t need to be “broken in” once I start as President; my learning will be awesome I have also been a very effective and active contributor to RUDU over the past year. Any opportunity that I come by, that could benefit the club, has been posted on our Forum : application for office space, activities for Rutgers Day etc, I will continue to be as effective and pro-active as President.

Leadership: Lastly, You should vote for me because I will be a great Leader. I have been very encouraging to all Novices this year: I went with Danial and Antonio to their very FIRST tournaments and I have also partnered with Arbi, Nisha and Adam. No other Varsity member has reached out to Novices quite like that. Novice-retention is a very important part of our club’s health and with me, that base will always be covered.

Chris Bergman won the Presidency.

The Vice President is responsible for all paperwork related to the team, in addition to taking over for the President should they be unable to serve for brief or extended periods of time and supporting the President in all their duties as needed. This person is also responsible for all internal team communication, especially bi-weekly reminders about upcoming meetings and tournaments to all members of the RUDU mailing list. Timely submission of forms each week and corresponding attention to detail are a must. (If the second amendment proposed below passes, this person will also be responsible for keeping attendance at each meeting.)

Adam Bomeisl
I, Adam “A-bomb” Bomeisl, will be running for the RUDU e-board office of Vice President. I’m sure most of you know who I am, but if not here you can read a few things about me and the reasons why I’m running for Vice President. I’m a freshman (novice) who has been with the club since the beginning of this year. I have had a pretty successful year, and this was due mostly to the time I gave up for the club with going to meetings, writing cases, and getting valuable experience at tournaments. The point is that I am very much willing to give up my time for RUDU which make me an ideal e-board candidate. Also, I feel that it is important to have qualified, younger members on the e-board and not necessarily have all older varsity members running the team. Younger members can offer a valuable perspective, and we are the future of RUDU. We can be voted in for many terms which offers the club continuity in its administration, and we can collect a good amount of experience which are advantages that older members do not possess. Also it encourages new members to be more involved in the team because it sends the message that we value them quite a bit. Furthermore, we are not a very likely group to have the deadly disease senioritis.

From what I understand, the Vice President has to manage paper work, deal with all inter-team communication (like sending out reminders about meetings twice a week), take attendance (provided that the necessary amendment passes), and fill in for the President if he/she is unable to perform his/her duties. The fact that I’m at nearly every meeting is certainly a plus for taking attendance during the meetings. I would certainly be willing to deal with paper work, and to send out bi-weekly reminders to all of our team members. However, in addition to these responsibilities, the Vice President also has derivative duties (tasks given to him/her by the team). I am certainly willing and able to help out the team in any way, and that includes helping the other e-board members with projects for the debate team. So hopefully you feel that I’m a qualified candidate for Vice President, but in the event that I am not elected to this position, I do intend to drop down to run for other positions. This is because I wish to help give back to the organization that has helped make my freshman year of college be awesome, and I’ll ultimately leave it up to those who are voting to decide which position I would be most fit to serve in. And of course feel free to e-mail me at abomeisl@eden.rutgers.edu, facebook message me, or talk to me if you have any questions or want to know where I stand on proposed amendments that will be voted on at the same time as elections.

Nisha Kumar
I have three reasons why you should vote for me as VP

1. Commitment and Time Management skills: With exceptions on those days I have class, I am on time for all meetings, and for tournaments. I am also great with organizing my time. Even with a crazy science schedule and other activities, I still find a great deal of time to devote to debate, and have made sure I go to every tournament that I have a free weekend. I also believe I’ll have even more time to devote to the extra responsibilities next year due to the completion of orgo and my MCATS (yay!) I’m also great with deadlines and getting things done: never in my college career have I had to pull an all-nighter.
2. Organized and responsible: I am very good at organizing, from schedules, to events, and this could include meetings and other responsibilities with debate. I am also responsible when it comes to getting things done in a proper and timely manner.
3. I <3 people: I work well with everyone on the team, and am pretty easy to work with myself. I also have a certain level of familiarity with the system at Rutgers for organizing trips and such. I also think this can translate into communicating with the team via e-mails and announcements.

Nisha Kumar won the Vice Presidency.

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters related to the team, including and especially registration fees for tournaments, reimbursement of team members for gas and tolls, income from tournament hosting and possibly other events as they may arise, and submitting the semesterly budget to RUSA. This position carries an immense amount of responsibility and timeliness and attention to detail are critical.

Ashley Novak
The reason I’m running for treasurer is that treasurer is a difficult position with many requirements. It is one of the most important positions on the team because we do not want a reputation for registration always being late and not being paid, and no one wants to wait months for reimbursements. However, it requires a huge time commitment, organization, and responsibility in order to ensure that both people on our team and other schools are paid on time. I am committed to the team, and have shown the motivation to do this job well: I have only missed one tournament, I spend a lot of time outside of practice casing and working on other things for debate, I drive almost every weekend, and at our tournament I did a lot of things that people neglected to do, like printing out the tournament packets. I also am organized enough to ensure no one’s receipts are lost- have you seen my casebook? It’s color coded and arranged in order of most important to least important (chicken!). Vote for me for Treasurer because I can bring this organization and motivation to the E-Board.

Ashley Novak was elected Treasurer.

The Public Relations Chair is responsible for communicating the success of the team to the outside world and the internal world of the Rutgers campus. This position involves regular communication with the Targum and other media outlets and involves discussion of the team’s activities and accomplishments in an exciting and nuanced way that promotes an interest in the team. This position is also responsible for recruiting from the student body through printed materials, direct communication, and events.

Alex Weiss
Friends, it gives me great pleasure to submit to you my candidacy for Public Relations chair. I have significant experience in public relations and feel I would ably and effectively serve the Debate Union. I have written proposals and managed accounts for my mother’s advertising firm that services such clients as The Promenade. I have also co-created and managed the public relations of a student group seeking to get faster internet, getting a thousand members and many write-ups and interviews with the Targum and culminating in a successful campaign and policy change. I have ideas for the marketing of the Debate Union that I will share with you all on election night and I hope to get your feedback and suggestions before eventually implementing them if I am given the privilege of serving as your Public Relations chair.

Thank you for your interest and I know that together we can field the largest pool of debate talent on APDA,
Alex Weiss

Stephen Yellin

Stephen here, aka “That Eloquent Old Guy” (copyright Alex Taubes) and “that British guy” (copyright Emilia Bates). Apparently Sesenu has a nickname for me as well: “That SOB who wrecked my Don Quixote case”.

Anyway, I’m running for Public Relations Chair for 3 very good On-Case reasons:

1. I have extensive experience with PR. I served in a similar capacity in 4 different clubs at Drew University (undergrad), and was very successful in getting students and community members to attend events and get involved. When I was “Publicity Head” for That Medieval Thing (TMT), for example, first-year membership in the club doubled from the previous year, allowing TMT to continue after my large senior class graduated.
2. I am creative and open-minded in my work. I am great at writing press releases and making pitches to groups, based on 6 years of political consulting and similar election activities. I’ve had my writing published in several academic and literary journals (including at Rutgers this spring), so I know how to get a good message out there. I also have a wide-ranging imagination when it comes to cases, and would apply the same creativity to our PR efforts.
3. I am a “team player” by nature. When I’ve been in a leadership role, I listen carefully to what is discussed and offer my thoughts as to what we can improve on as a club. I stay “on the ball” when I have work to do, and can be depended on to be on time with the work assigned me done well. I will be similarly proactive as your PR Chair.

I would now like to address some Off-Case points made by my hypothetical opponent(s) as to why I should not be elected:
1. I make horrible, no-good, very bad puns. I plead “guilty” to this charge, on the grounds that a lesser sentence will enable me to avoid the death PUNalty. 🙂 That being said, I pledge if elected to avoid making bad puns (unless permitted) while in RUDU meetings.
2. I’m not fun to play Scrabble with. This is factually untrue, as Chris Bergman successfully bested me on my birthday at Swarthmore. Clearly, then, I can be beaten by others at Scrabble, meaning that a fun game can easily occur. Plus, you never know what 7-letter word could come up in an APDA round, right?
3. I ‘m running for elected office. This is an actual concern you might have. One issue is that I am not sure if I will be actually running or not come September (I’ll know in June). Even if I do run, however, I will still be here for Tuesday/Thursday practice rounds, and would return to the debate circuit in November. In short, I don’t believe my campaign schedule would interfere with my RUDU duties if elected.
I would also like to add that, if you believe me especially qualified, I would like to serve as one of our Tournament Directors next year. As that post is largely a spring 2012 issue, I would certainly be free to do the job. More importantly, I believe that I can handle the logistical and publicity portions of the tournament with ease, as part of my PR duties. I have organized fundraisers, press conferences and publicity stunts for candidates in the past, and would be able to line all our proverbial ducks in a row well ahead of time. Don’t count on a 4-room GA issue with me (and my partner) in charge.

In closing, I want to say that I love this club a great deal; were it not for RUDU, I don’t know how I would get through the stress of grad school. You guys are friendly, witty, kind and considerate, and you have frequently raised my spirits when they were very low. If you elect me your Public Relations Chair (and maybe co-TD while you’re at it), I will do my best to give back to this club in whatever ways I can.

Stephen Yellin
16th Baron Zwillenberg (e-mail me to find out why I’m a Latvian Baron)

Stephen Yellin was elected Public Relations Chair.

The Tournament Director is responsible for running the annual tournament, usually in February. This involves a great deal of advanced work and planning, including room reservations, housing coordination, recruitment from APDA schools, recruitment of dino judges, and procurement of a good theme and quality entertainment. Multiple people may choose to run for this position together as a joint-ticket.

Bhargavi Sriram

Stephen Yellin

Adam Bomeisl & Bhargavi Sriram were unanimously chosen as Co-Tournament Directors.

The Webmaster is responsible for updating and maintaining the team’s website.*

The amendment eliminating Webmaster was passed unanimously.

Proposed Amendments

Each of these will be voted on prior to the election of E-Board positions. However, any changes enacted will take effect after the E-Board elections and not impact the voting, eligibility, etc. of those running or voting in this election.

Timing of Elections, E-Board Terms
Starting in 2011-2012, RUDU Executive Board terms shall be for one year over the course of a calendar year rather than an academic year. Elections will be held in December for the following year’s term. This will facilitate smoother transitions between E-Boards, enable active freshmen to begin serving the team early, and prevent second-semester seniors from having responsibilities on the team. The E-Board elected in April 2011 would thus serve for Fall 2011 only with new elections in December 2011 for calendar year 2012.
Proposed by Storey Clayton.
This amendment passed unanimously.

Membership and Voting Requirements
In order to be considered a full member of RUDU, an individual must attend at least 5 (five) meetings throughout a semester and at least 2 (two) APDA-sanctioned tournaments throughout a semester. Anyone not meeting these stipulations in the prior semester will be unable to vote in elections the following term. To facilitate this, the Vice President will be responsible for taking attendance at every meeting of RUDU or designating someone else to do so in their absence.
Proposed by Storey Clayton.
This amendment was modified to require 10 (ten) meetings and zero (0) tournaments and passed by a simple majority.

*Reconstitution of the Executive Board
The Webmaster position will be eliminated from the Executive Board since the Coach has taken responsibility for this as part of his full-time duties with the university.
Proposed by Storey Clayton.
This amendment passed unanimously.