This article was written by Robb Crocker of the School of Communication and Information and was originally posted on the SC&I website.

President Obama and Former Governor Romney will clash in a televised debate for the last time this year before the November 6th election. You can watch it live in its entirety with insight and analysis provided by the Rutgers University Debate Union at 8:00 PM tonight in the Red Lion Cafe.

With undecided voters and swing states hanging in the balance, the third and final oratory battle between Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will be on the big screen of the Red Lion Café at the College Avenue Campus’ Rutgers Student Center on Monday, October 22. The event, which begins at 8 p.m., is being promoted by both the Debate Union and the School of Communication and Information.

In addition, the event will feature free pizza and soda, as well as a debating techniques and strategies tutorial from Rutgers’ nationally-ranked debate team prior to the contest. Then, from 9:00 to 10:30, the debate will air, uninterrupted. If time permits, there will be a post-debate analysis.

The watch party is the first co-sponsored event between the SC&I and the Debate Union and Kevin J. Ewell, Assistant Dean for Student Services anticipates the that event will be the building blocks of an ongoing relationship between the three Rutgers entities.

“The School of Communication and Information is delighted to sponsor an event such as this Presidential Debate Watch party,” Ewell said. “Not only will it showcase the knowledge and talents of the Rutgers University Debate Union, but it also reinforces our civic responsibility in higher education to encourage college students to be informed and to stay engaged in the democratic political process.

“We hope that this could be the first of many opportunities to demonstrate the partnership between the School of Communication and Information, the Communication Department, and the RU Debate Union.

“It should be a great event,” he added.

Rutgers Debate Coach Storey Clayton echoed Ewell’s sentiments.

“This should be a really exciting event where students can not only see the debate but understand why the candidates are debating the way they are.” Clayton explained. “We have one of the best debate teams in the country and they can explain the techniques and strategies being used by the next President.”

The knowledge gained from the pre-debate tutorial by the debate squad members won’t be something eventers will soon forget—the team features one of the nation’s tenacious debaters.

“Our team is currently ranked sixth in the nation and one of the event speakers, Ashley Novak, is the second-ranked speaker overall,” Clayton said. “We have made the elimination rounds at nearly every tournament we’ve attended and are considered a competitor to finish in the top five overall.”

The event is also an opportunity to drum up interest in the Debate Union and recruit fresh blood for the squad.

“If you like our insights on the Presidential debate—come by a meeting and we can train you to be one of our contenders.”

The third debate, which is being held at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, will be moderated by Bob Schieffer (the host of Face the Nation on CBS). The featured topic of the contest is foreign policy.

For more information about Monday’s debate watch party, check out this Facebook link.