David Reiss emphasizes a point during Monday's Constitution Day Debate. Photo credit: Jennifer Kong, Daily Targum.

Last night’s Constitution Day Debate, an event sponsored by the Darien Fund for the U.S. Constitution, Citizenship, and Civic Engagement, is headline news at Rutgers this morning. The RUDU public debate exhibition, which drew more than fifty spectators including students, faculty, staff, and community members, was featured in this article which appeared below the fold on the front page of today’s Daily Targum.

David Reiss and Bhargavi Sriram represented the Government, advocating a Constitutional amendment guaranteeing a right to a free college education. Ashley Novak and Stephen Yellin opposed the measure. Though RUDU rarely declares a winner in practice rounds or public exhibitions, the Constitutional nature of this topic called for a vote. Government carried the round by a 2-1 margin in the opinion of spectators.

If you missed this public debate, not to worry! RUDU is back on display on Wednesday night at 8 PM in the College Avenue Student Center’s Multipurpose Room. This debate for Project Civility will pose the question of whether traditionally marginalized groups ought actively reclaim slurs used against them. And if you prefer the Constitutional topic, that round was recorded and should be on YouTube within a few weeks.