Four (4) candidates are running for Tournament Director for the 2013 Rutgers Invitational: Adam Bomeisl, Rachel Cusumano, Deepta Janardhan, and Daimler Vadlamuri.  Their candidate statements are below.  The vote will take place on Tuesday, April 24th, at 9:00 PM in Murray 210.  All members who have attended at least ten (10) meetings will have a vote and are encouraged to attend.

Adam Bomeisl
Hi, this is Adam Bomeisl your current co-tournament director along with Bhargavi Sriram. This year I will be running by myself for tournament director (dropping the co, moving up in the world, but seriously). I love our tournament, it’s one of my favorite parts about debate, and running it, although pretty stressful, was also really enjoyable. Our last tournament, The Rutgers 2012 Invitational: Go the Fuck to Sleep, was a resounding success. We ran largely on time (especially when compared with other unopposed, 20 point tournaments) and we had a great judging pool made up of all of you guys (thanks again for giving up your weekend, we couldn’t have done it without you!) and many dinos from across the APDA nation. I had many people from a variety of schools (such as Brandies and GW to name a few) come up to me and say our tournament was awesome. A great way to get a repeat performance of this would be to re-elect me, the A-bomb, as tournament director. I have experience running a gigantic tournament and because of this I know what preparations need to be done and when. For the last tournament I was very responsible. I booked rooms as early as possible (I put in the request before W+M I on September 16th) and ordered trophies weeks in advance. I even went so far as to contact our administrative representative early on so as to give her a heads up about our tournament on September 15th and that we would need to coordinate with the administration on logistics of the tournament. Of course there were a few mistakes made, but nobody is perfect and I hope you all won’t blame me for not being omnipotent and omniscient (hell even in debate cases actors only get a choice of one or the other). Also I have learned from these mistakes and know how to prevent them in the future. Running a tournament is a lot of work and takes a lot of preparation, but if one delegates responsibility well and manages one’s time properly it can get done. Seeing as how I successfully did that this year, I see no reason why I can’t again. And thanks again to all who helped out with the tournament this year; whether you were a runner, judge, tabstaffer, e-board member who was delegated responsibilities involving the tournament, and/or anyone else I may have forgotten. Let’s you and me run another awesome tournament this year.

Rachel Cusumano
Looking back on this past year’s tournament I am eager to be involved again in the coming year. The tournament was a great success but I think even more can be done to improve the quality of the event. I am running for this position because I would like to put my ideas to use and make the tournament run even better than in previous years.

For a tournament to run smoothly there must be an adequate amount of thoughtful and detailed planning. Whereas many decisions are made months prior to the event, the tournament director in charge of this planning must be able to think of every little detail in the long term. I am able to look at the big picture and the smallest details to think out the most effective plans. More importantly, I have the work ethic and responsibility to actually carry out these plans. As seen at this past tournament I not only lived up to my responsibilities as a runner but I went far beyond. Throughout the tournament I eagerly volunteered to help at any needed moment such as offering up my car to transport materials or arriving early to clean up GA. As a tournament director I can definitely use my eager work ethic to carry out essential plans needed for the tournament.

Even with the most well thought out plans, events don’t always occur as planned. Surprises in plans are to be expected, what’s most important is how one responds to these changes. A major problem of this past year’s tournament was the stressed demeanor many had in response to disruptions in set plans. Too often one would see something wrong and instead of approaching the situation in a rational way they would become stressed and act in an emotional manner. Unfortunately this course of action not only prevented the actual problem from being dealt with in a timely manner but it caused others on the team to react negatively to said occurrences as well. I think the majority of disruptions can be minimized with effective planning, but even if said disruptions are to occur the best way to attack them is with a calm and rational demeanor. I’m known by many on the team to smile even in the face of a tough situation. This is a very important quality to have, especially while dealing with the stressful responsibilities that come with planning a tournament. I am able to approach tough situations rationally and think proper solutions. I am flexible and resourceful, both of which are important in carrying out solutions to spur of the moment problems. The fact that I can uphold a calm demeanor while effectively solving problems ultimately creates a better atmosphere and a more enjoyable tournament all around.

I believe communication is another crucial component in running an effective tournament. Tasks are more likely to be accomplished when people are working with each other rather than against each other. A big problem of this past year’s tournament was the miscommunication that occurred within the team. People often expected others to complete various tasks rather than taking the initiative to do so upon themselves. I believe I can change this and create positive communication amongst the team. This past year I was often seen as a cheerleader, not only did I approach tasks with a positive mind, but I also provided encouragement to many people on the team. I believe this encouragement can be used to motivate more people on the team to help out with the tasks needed for the tournament. This will ultimately create a smoother tournament and a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to a great tournament next year. At the end of the day I believe I have the qualities needed to run a strong tournament. I have some great ideas and I am very eager to put them to use. Thank you for your support, I am looking forward to a very successful tournament next year.

Deepta Janardhan
Hey, RUDU.

Recently, the APDA Board recently released its Spring 2013 tournament schedule. Under this plan, Rutgers would no longer have an unopposed tournament weekend. While this really does have very little to do with the way the tournament was actually run, and discussion on this topic is far from closed, one thing is clear. The RU 2013 Tournament will face a lot of scrutiny, and the way that we run it will definitely have a great effect on the way that the circuit views the Rutgers team. Given these pressures, I feel that I am an ideal candidate for the position of next year’s Tournament Director. A few questions should be paramount in your mind when you write a name on the ballot.

What kind of experience does a TD need?

Ideally, I think that the role of TD should shift from year to year, to a rising sophomore or junior. This way, for any given year, we always have plenty of people on the team who have the experience to help deal with problems that may arise. Remember that running a successful tournament always requires a combined team effort, even while the TD is the leader of this.

I have the sort of experience required to take on this leadership role. In my freshman year, I participated in helping run the Rutgers Model Congress (this was before I found out about RUDU, I swear), which had about 40 high schools in attendance. Part of my job was to confer with the heads of each committee, ensure that they had executed the goals that they had set for themselves, and provide them with help to get them on track.

This semester, besides debate and schoolwork, I have concurrently been involved in an Aresty Research project and an internship. I know what it’s like to have to plan meetings with people with tight schedules, from my work with professors at Rutgers and the assignment judge at Middlesex Courthouse. As TD, I would clear my schedule more to concentrate on the tournament. However, this does show that I can handle multiple projects successfully. I am therefore confident in my ability to manage the many responsibilities needed to run a tournament.

How is a tournament supposed to run?

First, it’s essential that everything runs on time. Tab notwithstanding, the other factors of this are streamlining the registration process, ensuring that everyone keeps up their housing commitments, and ordering food from a reliable source.

Additionally, the TD must ensure that people at each level of the planning process understand where their responsibilities fit into the scheme of things. This means that specific tasks should be delegated early on so that different people are picking up on errors in a pinch.

If a problem does arise, it’s important for the TD to immediately accept responsibility and take actions to first, prioritize the issue, and then attempt to fix it accordingly.

In the end, the TD is mostly responsible for the final outcome of the tournament, and must be proactive in determining this, even if that means having to deal with some friction in the short run.

What’s the link between the TD and RUDU in general?

For having joined mid-semester in my sophomore year, I have actively attempted to take on more responsibility in RUDU. This semester, I have debated in 9 out of the 12 tournaments that I was allowed to attend. I was a runner at the Rutgers tournament this year, and became certified to drive the large vans. (Even if I just barely passed the test, it still counts.)

If I were not elected to be TD, I would still be more than willing to help in any way I can to make the tournament a success, and of course, I will continue to extend my efforts to support the team in other ways. Additionally, I have tried to reach out to as many people on this team as possible. I have given and received advice as well as constructive criticism, in the context of not only debate, but everyday life. I do stick firmly to my views, but I also have a good sense of when I should concede them.

I feel that ultimately, I have a good combination of the discipline and open-mindedness needed to run what should be one of the best tournaments of the year. With regards to the latter, I welcome any suggestions via Facebook message or email at

Daimler Vadlamuri
I’m a member of RUDU. I go by Daimler, though members of RUDU do refer to me by a few other affectionate names which I have no idea where they come up with. So I want to run for TD. As TD the only plans I have are about how I’d run the tournament regarding food. I love food. I have our menu planned out. Its pretty awesome. Vote for me if you want to find out the menu. Hint: Its ethnic food. Did I say it’d be awesome. Oh P.S there is a slim possibility I might not be here next year, just fyi. Thanks!