The Rutgers University Debate Union has graduated many successful alumni in its history at Rutgers. Many have gone on to do great things at other schools and professionally! If you are a RUDU alum, or a Rutgers debate alum from before RUDU, we would love to hear from you! Send your story or bio to the RUDU email ( and we’ll add it to the website!


Dan Ahn ’07
DAhnDan joined the the Rutgers University Debate Union in Fall of 2003. Before Rutgers, his debate experience was limited to high school Model UN. Dan quickly became an active member of the team, attending numerous tournaments and holding various eboard positions during his time at Rutgers. Since graduation, he has worked in New York City and enjoys returning to Rutgers for their annual debate tournament.

Farhan Ali ’11
FAliFarhan is currently living in Kuwait, but will be living in Philadelphia soon. He did an internship at a Law Firm, but is planning on coming back state-side to go to Temple Law. He most enjoyed the car/van rides when he was on RUDU. “You think that debaters can’t get any weirder but they always manage to surprise you,” he reported. He most misses the highs and lows one experiences at a tournament. “Debate can make you want to quit one weekend but then makes you want to stay forever after the next,” he said. He added that “Gone are the days when we would go home happy when we left a tournament 3-2. These kids want to win every weekend and expect to do so as well. I kinda miss the old happy go lucky RUDU.”

Lorraine Belostock ’10
LBelostockLorraine lives in Boston, Massachusetts, but her home base is Toms River, NJ. She is a 1L at Boston University Law School. Since it is her first year, she is not focusing on any particular type of law, but she wants to be a women’s rights lawyer, with a focus in criminal law and sexual assault or health law and reproductive justice. Her favorite part about debate was the actual debating. Since the day she graduated Rutgers in May 2010, she has always said that one of her biggest life regrets was not going to more tournaments. “Being a part of debate you learn things that you otherwise would never have
gotten the chance to, and you challenge and improve your skills everyday,” she noted.

She was Vice-President on the debate team, and although it was fun being a leader on the e-board, she basically did the secretarial work no one else wanted to do. “But that was okay, I didn’t mind doing it,” she noted. What she misses most about debate are the people she met. She added “Going to debate on Tuesday and Thursdays nights was such a sweet treat. Hanging out with people who weren’t the people I saw everyday was a very welcomed break in the week. What I miss even more are the interesting, thought-provoking conversations we would have; conversations I wanted to have but that I was unable to have with just my roommates or other friends. The friends I made in debate are definitely going to be lifelong connections, and I keep in contact with them regularly.”

She keeps up to date with the debate team through the Facebook group and she’s been to a couple of the tournaments, and she is proud of them! She is most surprised that the Rutgers Debate Team is actually a highly respected, well known team on the circuit. She added “Never thought I’d see the day. Having some of our teams win tournaments and get speaker awards is amazing. Being ranked in the top 10 is also incredibly surprising, and I have to admit that I brag about it. The last thing I am surprised about is that Rutgers has a debate house now? That’s ballin’.”

Ed Fu ’08
EFuEd is living in New York City. He just graduated from NYU School of Law and is working at Davis Polk & Wardwell as a litigation associate, where Sam Zeidman is soon to join him. He misses the social aspect of RUDU. It was a place to interact with a whole bunch of great people and have some fascinating discussions. He has a lot of close friendships built up because of RUDU. He was webmaster and Tournament Director for two years. He would love to see a gathering/meetup of RUDU alumni in NYC.

Sam Zeidman ’08
SZeidmanSam is currently living in New York City and finishing up his last semester of law school before taking the bar and eventually starting work at, it turns out, the same firm as one of his former debate partners. No, not Daubert. His favorite part of RUDU was getting to know people over nights practicing in the Hardenbergh basement and weekends on extended trips up and down I-95. He had a lot of great stories and adventures. He was a Tournament Director and then President of RUDU. He most misses, besides of course the ice vault, the traveling circus of a community that got to argue and party with each other in a new part of the country each week. He has also been finding out that a vegetarian fat sandwich isn’t nearly as filling as the others.