The Fall 2011 EBoard, here pictured as stylized into The Wizard of Oz, will be running for re-election against a full slate of challengers. Elections will be held Tuesday, December 6th at 9 PM in Murray 210. The Executive Board will be expanded from four to six members in 2012 with the addition of a Novice Mentor and Alumni Coordinator.

Positions and Candidates Summary
President: Chris Bergman*, Adam Bomeisl, Bhargavi Sriram
Vice President: Nisha Kumar*
Treasurer: Ashley Novak*
Public Relations Chair: Stephen Yellin*, Henry Phipps, Dongyi Zhuyan
Novice Mentor (new position): Archana Babu, Kurt Falk, Arbi Llaveshi, Quinn Maingi
Alumni Coordinator (new position): Jason Boyle, Alex Jubb

Please note: drop-downs are permitted for those unelected to higher positions.

The President is the leader of the team, responsible for running meetings in conjunction with the Coach, communicating with the team and other member schools of APDA, and coordinating and submitting all registrations for tournaments in a timely fashion. The President must also attend all APDA Meetings as the voting member for RUDU, or designate someone to do so in the case of their absence. The President may have many additional duties arise over the course of their tenure in the same capacity of representing the team both within and outside of the university.

Chris Bergman (incumbent)
Hey everyone, I’m Chris, and I’d like to continue being your President. Being President of the team requires several things—being able to lead the club, serving as the club’s representative to the rest of the circuit, and working with the members of the team. I think I’ve demonstrated through the past 6 months that I am capable and successful as President.

First, I have a great deal of experience on the E-Board—I’ve been President this past year, and was our Tournament Director the year before (back when TD was still part of the E-Board). Having seen how different people run the club has helped me learn how to lead the team, especially by avoiding some of the mistakes from the past. Additionally, from high school, I was the President or Vice President for 5 clubs. Most importantly, everyone has seen how I and the rest of the E-Board have run meetings, and can see for themselves how meetings actually run on time—a first for RUDU.

Second, I am someone the entire league knows. When people from other schools need something from Rutgers, they usually text me or send me a facebook message because I’ve built friendships with people from almost every team. As President, I can use this to the club’s advantage as our representative in APDA meetings as well as talk to other teams about waiving judge requirements or hybriding with someone whose partner dropped. Most other members of our team may not have the phone numbers or friendships to make these work out.

Finally, I can work with the team. I can talk to anyone on the team, and I usually do. When it’s time to recruit more people, most of you remember me from the novice retreat where, in addition to helping out, I also was friendly and welcoming. I also try to be enthusiastic about debate to serve as an example of what debate can mean for each of us.

I think it’s clear: RUDU has expanded and been successful because the E-Board has worked, and I’d appreciate if you vote for me to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

Adam Bomeisl
My name is Adam Bomeisl and I will be running for President of the Rutgers University Debate Union. For those of you who don’t know me I am a sophomore, History/Political Science major who is in his second year of debate. I have been with the club since the beginning of my freshman year. Throughout my debate career I’ve made it a point to come to as many meetings and tournaments as possible. In fact my freshman year I only missed 3 APDA tournaments and North-Ams; also I attended Nationals. I’ve broken a few times to novice out rounds during my freshman year, gotten to multiple varsity bubble rounds, won novice speaker awards, and won the West Point novice division with Stephen Yellin as my partner. This year I have been to every tournament and every meeting except one. I broke at four tournaments and got to bubble rounds at almost all of them this semester. I’m almost always available to help people with any debate related questions: cases, rules, knowledge related to debate, etc. Also, I am never ever sarcastic under any circumstances.

I am a good leader who is unafraid to take charge and make decisions. I devote a lot of time to the club and am always looking for ways I can help the team. I also have e-board experience as this year’s Co-Tournament Director. I assure everyone that my responsibilities as Tournament Director will not interfere with my ability to be President. I am very responsible and manage my time well. As an added bonus my schedule allows me to go to bed pretty late (around 1 or 2am), be available for most of Tuesday and Thursday, and I live about 100 feet from the debate house, so I can keep the debate house open pretty late for things such as rounds and game night. However, if the team does decide that I am not presidential material, I plan to drop down to run for other e-board positions. Ultimately it is up to the club to decide collectively where they think my devotion and experience ought be utilized on the e-board. Of course if any of our team members have any questions for me feel free to message me on facebook or e-mail me at

Bhargavi Sriram
Hi Guys!! Please vote for me. I really care about our team and I promise to be a very dedicated and efficient officer. I also promise that I will always be open to criticism and take all of your concerns and/or ideas into account. I have had plenty of leadership experience at other clubs( Treasurer of Roosevelt Institute, Busch campus representative for RUSA, Mentor at RU-Tv). Give me a chance to put all those experiences to good use. 🙂 I have also been a very effective and active contributor to RUDU over the past three years and I will continue to do so in the future. Lastly, I ask you to vote for me because I will always bring a lot of enthusiasm to anything that the club requires of me and I will also always be there for you guys. Contact me with any further questions . Thank you. 🙂

The Vice President is responsible for all paperwork related to the team, in addition to taking over for the President should they be unable to serve for brief or extended periods of time and supporting the President in all their duties as needed. This person is also responsible for all internal team communication, especially bi-weekly reminders about upcoming meetings and tournaments to all members of the RUDU mailing list. Timely submission of forms each week and corresponding attention to detail are a must. This person is also be responsible for keeping attendance at each meeting.

Nisha Kumar (incumbent)
This part semester RUDU has been going through many changes. Our team has expanded greatly in size, we have acquired a house, and a much more expansive budget. In order to make sure these transitions continue smoothly second semester, it is extremely important to have someone with experience. Here are some qualities to consider

Punctuality: I am always on time and always present at meetings, and at tournaments when I can be. There has never been an occasion where I have forgotten a responsibility or failed to complete something on time, or have backed out of a responsibility at the last minute.

Time Management and commitment: I am capable of handling many responsibilities at once, something a VP must be able to do. I have even molded my crazy chem classes around debate!

Organized: VP has to be able to handle attendance and forms well. Both of these things have been done this semester.

I also have the ability to work well with all other members of the team, as well as the ability to set up good relationships with the administration. I have can handle stressful situations without getting stressed and have the ability to get things done under pressure.
That is all. =)

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters related to the team, including and especially registration fees for tournaments, reimbursement of team members for gas and tolls, income from tournament hosting and possibly other events as they may arise, and submitting the semesterly budget to RUSA. This position carries an immense amount of responsibility and timeliness and attention to detail are critical.

Ashley Novak (incumbent)
I’m Ashley Novak and I’m running for treasurer. I was treasurer for RUDU during the fall semester. I believe that I’ve done the job well and would love to continue doing it. As of today, no individual is owed more than $100, and no tournament competed at this year is owed any registration fees. The job requires a lot of hard work and devotion, and I have demonstrated both of these.

The Public Relations Chair is responsible for communicating the success of the team to the outside world and the internal world of the Rutgers campus. This position involves regular communication with the Targum and other media outlets and involves discussion of the team’s activities and accomplishments in an exciting and nuanced way that promotes an interest in the team. This position is also responsible for recruiting from the student body through printed materials, direct communication, and events.

Stephen Yellin (incumbent)
As your current Director of Public Relations, I am asking you to support in keeping that job. I want to remain your PR Director for 3 reasons:

1) The PR Director’s job these days is primarily to increase our visibility with the media and pursue good publicity opportunities. I have been doing this exact type of work in politics and with multiple school clubs for the last several years, as well as regularly sending out press releases on our success this semester.

2) As a member of the E-Board with Chris, Ashley and Nisha, I have worked well with them and Storey to make sure RUDU runs as smoothly as possible. I want to keep working with them to make our club as efficient as it is fun.

3) With our upcoming tournament and other great activities, I want to make sure we get the maximum positive press possible out of these events. You can count on me to actively urge the local and regional news outlets (print, TV and Internet) to cover our events, possibly in person.

As part of my commitment to RUDU, I have organized a weekly Game Night and bought bagels on Friday mornings for tournament goers (on my own dime). I love our group and would be honored to stay on as PR Director in order to put that love to good use in the year ahead!

Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks! – Stephen

Henry Phipps
Hey RUDU, it’s been a true pleasure to work and debate alongside you in the past three months, this team has given me a lot of joy and experience. It would be a true honor, with your support, to allow me to contribute something back to the team by electing me your Public Relations Chair. I believe, in the past months, I’ve demonstrated my dedication to the team and will be more than effective in bringing a dynamic voice to the Rutgers student body on behalf of RUDU. Let me start off by giving you a picture of what I would do as Public Relations Chair then talk a little about my experience.
1. I will consistently update the team on results and triumphs at tournaments along with making sure people are recognized for their personal achievements and goals being met. Because of how often I attend tournaments and check apdaweb I more than able to easily bring these results to attention to the team quickly.
2. We as a team, and a successful one at that, need to establish a rapport with the Targum. This will be one of my first priorities as Public Relations Chair. I believe this is a crucial move in order to be a larger presence in the Rutgers community. Whether it be weekly updates, or just a few a month, either way we should be recognized, and I would strive to get said recognition for your accomplishments.
3. The Targum is not the only way we can grow closer to the Rutgers community. In my experience, it is important to showcase our abilities and involve the community. I aim to plan more consistent public events for exhibition, and make ties with other clubs and organizations by coordinating events together. These events give us presence, school-wide interest and have fun while doing it.
4. Finally, I want to bring onto the table ideas from everyone on the team, come up with more innovative, dynamic ways to involve ourselves with the Rutgers community with your help, involvement, and creativity.

I’ve had my share of experiences running and organizing clubs in the past. In High School I was a senior member of an internationally ranked robotics team and helped plan public showcases with groups around the city. But more importantly, during my Freshman year at Temple we helped host multiple public debates against groups like the Temple Feminist club. I helped advertise and organize the club which grew over time. Although I may not have the most experience, between what experience I do have, and my strategies to involve everyone’s ideas to further the team’s image, I feel I can contribute greatly to the team.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to vote for someone. I will be first to admit that there are multiple qualified candidates to choose from. And as a voter, on behalf of RUDU, you have an obligation to vote for the people who you think will best represent you. It would be an honor to be considered for the position of Public Relations, and have an opportunity to bring our team further into the Rutgers Community. I believe that I, Henry Phipps, am the best candidate for the position, and will work tirelessly as your Public Relations Chair of the Rutgers University Debate Union to make your voice heard. Thank you.

Dongyi Zhuyan
Hey there! I’m Dongyi Zhuyan and I running for the position of Public Relations Chair. Take note. I go by the name Austin or Dongles, because it flows better like a flow pad.

This Public Relations Chair is a demanding position that requires one to be mobile around campus and have connections with the media. It also requires the person to be able to advertise to the people the various accomplishments adventures the team has and most importantly what it does.

Here are some points that prove my case to you.
1. I travel a lot across the New Brunswick Campus. I’ll have class on Busch, Livingston, College Avenue and Cook/Douglass. Yes it is a hectic schedule but it allows me to be able to access bulletins every where so I can post all the info of the club anywhere.
2. I am rather open minded to new ideas and propositions. I can adapt and manipulate words enough to grab attention in press releases. I have gotten some reviews for my manipulation of some writings done back in high school. Some of these were also posted as advertisements for clubs such as Computer and Chess club. I work well with it.
3. Finally, I am a people’s person. I am able to connect with people and get info passed along by mouth. I am more of a team effort of a guy, working to help a group in the long run. Its rather my preference and combined with your input will make broadcasts and announcements through the people. In addition, being a team member brings forth a huge more amount of effort into work. It brings effort that turns into something synergetic, something even more. I listen well, able to take in a lot and get everything. I’ll be very proactive as the Public Relations Chair.
I end with a smaller note. I find RUDU to be a nice little relief my engineering major. It a nice way to get involved in the world, taking in ideas and debate too. If I become the Public Relations chair, I pay back the club with a lot more than I would if I was not on it. Choose wisely!
Dongyi “Austin” Zhuyan

The Novice Mentor is responsible for working with the Coach to maximize the involvement, excitement, participation, and improvement of the novice class. This will also involve recruiting over the summer, including participation at involvement fairs. The person in this position will spend extra time judging novice practice rounds and following-up with novices to ensure their feeling welcome on the team.

Archana Babu
Hey homies! My name is Archana, better known as Archie, and I hope to be elected as the Novice Mentor for the upcoming school year. Firstly, I’d like to thank RUDU for welcoming me into its family, and to return the gratitude, I want to contribute in a way that’s best for the club: by becoming your Novice Mentor. The position is a perfect fit for me—it requires dedication, communication skills, and leadership. Not only do I meet these standards, but I exceed them in many ways.

Dedication: To put it simply: I love RUDU. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself at every tournament I’ve attended, and I’ve made a group of eccentric, hilarious friends that all of my suitemates know about because I talk about you guys so much. I’ve attended numerous meetings and enough tournaments to be considered a varsity member next year, and I view RUDU as a way to let-loose and relieve my stress when I’m not thuggin’ on the streets. This semester, my schedule has been quite demanding, preventing me from attending Game Night and other social events, but even these sacrifices are an investment into the club. Why? This means that my workload will greatly diminish next year (boo yah!), leaving me time to completely dedicate myself to the club. Next year, not only will I be able to attend almost every tournament, but I will have time on the side to help novices and judge extra novice practice rounds, and of course, eat with the team and kick everyone’s butt during Game Night.

Communication Skills: Being a Novice Mentor requires that I am able to take direction from those that want to teach me, and to convey information in a way that’s easily accessible to others. If any of you have spoken to me, you’re already aware that I’m very outgoing and approachable. I’m always willing to help my friends succeed, and if elected, will do my best to work with novices and help them with their transition into RUDU. As a novice this year, I still remember the doubts and questions I had before my first tournament, and my questions were slowly answered over time from attending tournaments. I want to teach these things to novices earlier, so they can start at an advantage that I never had. I remember what it was like attending my first tournament—with literally no training (I had no idea what a POI was)—and I want to make this transition more comfortable for others. I’m also very patient, and with the extra time I’ll have next year, I’d be willing to work with each and every novice as much as he/she needs. With my patience, willingness to help, and outspoken nature, my communication skills make me an ideal Novice Mentor.

Leadership: When assuming any position, one must be a good leader. I’ve already had experience with this. In high school, I was an editor for my school yearbook, and was the Editor-In-Chief my senior year. I had to make deadlines, communicate with the publishing company and my school, monitor all of my staff members, and delegate tasks to others. I’m good at thinking on my feet—especially minutes before a deadline—and I am composed in stressful situations (actually, I love stressful situations!). In addition, I led my school’s tennis team and was captain of an Odyssey of the Mind team for eight years—a team in which 7 of my peers competed at the regional, state, and international level against other teams. I also led a clarinet ensemble and managed school work on the side. I can not only do my job efficiently and effectively, but I can multi-task and handle more than one thing at once in an organized fashion. Luckily, I am willing to devote 100% of my time to RUDU next year, so I can channel all of my efforts towards leading RUDU Novices toward success. Despite being a great leader, I also know when to take direction. Being in different musical ensembles, sports teams, and staffs in high school, I was able to contribute as a team member to bring the most optimal result. I’m willing to do both, contribute a part and assume leadership, to help RUDU as a whole.
Those of you that know me are already aware that I’m a baller, but if you elect me, I can be your Novice Mentor, too.

Kurt Falk
I’m running for Novice Mentor because I feel that it is the position I’m best suited for and it will give me a chance to create beneficial good for RUDU. Novice Mentor is a new position and thus if done well in its inaugural year can set a standard for the position in years to come. This is why I feel it’s important that you elect me to this position. In a surprising move, I have three reasons why I am the ideal person for Novice Mentor.

Personable: Novice Mentor is an open-face position. Every duty of Novice Mentor, from recruiting to teaching novices to giving critiques, requires someone who is personable and agreeable. If a Novice mentor is too shy or sheepish, new members will never be able to engage with the mentor in a way that’s meaningful. On the other end, if a Novice Mentor is too intimidating or outward new members will be scared away, afraid to ask for help, and never be able to view the mentor as an equal. I strike the perfect balance between the two, being able to connect with new people while talking to them in a way that doesn’t intimidate and make them quit the team forever.

“Okay, so you think you’re some kind of reincarnated Citizen Kane. Let’s say you’re not making this up and you’re as personable as you say. What’s this going to get me if after you’re elected you elope to Costa Rica, never to be seen again?”

That’s a good question, Disembodied Voice. You bring me to my second point:

Dedication: One of the primary traits that you want to see in any E-board member is dedication. My dedication to the team has been seen throughout my entire time with RUDU. I’m going to go into policy mode for a sec (forgive me) and blitz some facts: Only ever missed one meeting, have gone to nearly every tournament (even more then most varsity), been on time for every tournament, almost always stay for late rounds, still come to meetings if not going to tournament that weekend, volunteered my car, have driven people to tournaments, at the debate house nearly everyday it’s open, and most importantly of all – bought colorful bendy straws for the debate house!

My proven dedication and love of the team shows that I won’t pull a no-show when it comes to the team’s most important events and responsibilities.

“So you’re dedicated. Big fucking deal. If a 2×4 goes to every meeting, he’s just as dedicated as you. How do I know that this dedication will lead to something a little bit more important…RESULTS!”

Disembodied Voice, sometimes your questions act so well as transition mechanisms that it almost seems like I wrote them for you. You lead me to my next point, Goals.

Goals: RUDU is on the brink of a new era, one where we are the supreme team. The Novice mentor is in a unique position to affect the most long-term change out of any other member of the E-board. Through careful recruiting and nurture of the novice class the Novice Mentor can sow the seeds of greatness.

Or, they have the terrible power to screw it up.

Because of this responsibility, I want to outline a few goals that I hope to achieve as a Novice Mentor:
Create recruiting pipelines in debate clubs throughout New Jersey high schools
Many of us did debate through High School and we need to stay in contact with these clubs to motivate their graduates to go to Rutgers. I have seen this work with my high school Model UN club, whereas almost every person from that club who went to Rutgers then became involved in Rutgers Model UN through some form or another. I even went to their introduction meeting at the beginning of the semester, simply because I knew they existed via my high school experience.
Create Debate Clubs in high schools that do not have one
Not only will this help for the same reasons outlined in the first point, it’s also an effective form of community service. We all enjoy debate and we should take up the responsibility to get as many people involved in the activity as we can.
Holding a Novice workshop at the Debate House at least once a week
Those who got to go to the Novice Workshops over the summer got a great introduction to debate. But many people joined after the fact, midway (end of 750-word limit)

Arbi Llaveshi
Hey Everyone, I’m going to keep this short and to the point since I personally dislike long, drawn out campaign statements.
I’m currently running for the Novice Mentor position within the team. I desire this position because it represents the fundamental future of our team. In my mind the success or RUDU is not just entrenched in the present but also in future prospects. So when I think about it, being the novice mentor is extremely important; the mentor is essentially responsible for the team’s current and future growth and if the team’s quality stagnates or recedes then the Mentor can be held responsible for this.
In my mind, RUDU is still in its formative years, and I want to help shape a team which consistently maintains a great image and legacy within the community. I want to help new recruits succeed in any way I can, and I believe that the novice mentor position puts me into an excellent place to shape the future of our team for the better.
So inevitably the question you’re asking yourself becomes simple. Why pick Arbi? Well to start off, currently I have five years of experience in debate. I think I am well versed in discriminating between good and bad arguments, determining the quality of a newbie’s speaking, and extremely dedicated to this activity. I also have connections to coaches within the High School speaking community, many of my High school friends are now coaches for different teams, and this allows me to help the team find “diamonds in the rough” which could be prospective SOTY or TOTY contenders.
At the end of the day I believe these factors and my overall positive attitude towards the team and the novices we bring in prove that I am the best candidate for this position. I hope to receive your vote in the near future!
-The Arbiter

Quinn Maingi
Hi everyone, I’m Quinn, and I’m running for the position of novice mentor. Being a novice mentor requires several important skills: dedication, experience, and perspective. Here’s why I’m good at all three:

Dedication: Dedication is an attribute that is required of a novice mentor because it requires a great deal of time investment over the summer and at times when others may or may not be willing to work, as well as simply investing time in preparation of novices for tournaments. This is the most essential facet for any novice mentor to be successful at either recruitment or instruction, as a lack of invested time signifies that responsibilities will not be fulfilled. I’m probably the only person in the debate union who can legitimately claim to have never missed a tournament, and to have almost always been on time to meetings. I plan to continue this precedent through the spring semester, and thus will be able to invest necessary time to be a successful novice mentor.

Experience: A novice mentor requires a different kind of experience than simply being good at debate: it requires experience and an understanding of how to instruct novices in skills and in basic skills of debate. Although I am also a novice, I have a great deal of experience in this field from high school during which I held several positions of comparable stature. These positions led me to understand methods of teaching that can work for different learning styles in such a way that will allow for me to be successful. As an example to illustrate my success in this field, I often prepared freshmen well enough for competitions that they were able to actually win a 1st or 2nd place award commonly, which really did not happen more than once or twice in all of my clubs from high school during the 3 years before I took these leadership positions.

Perspective: It’s important for a novice mentor to be able to understand the problems that novices will have, as well as an ability to understand. I have faced just about every single technical mistake that a debater can commit, and almost immediately afterwards figured out why it was a mistake. Furthermore, I can understand the biggest problems that novices will mistake as I commonly make them as well, which allows for me to preempt these mistakes such that they will further aid novices in participation. Finally, I can bring a unique perspective to the E-Board as I am closer to the novice class, and can thus provide a fresh perspective at all meetings of the E-board.

The Alumni Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a working relationship and contact with former members of the Debate Union. This will involve relaying the success of the Union to those interested in hearing about it, involving alumni in the tournament each year, and generally developing ways to get alumni involved in the current life and events of RUDU.

Jason Boyle
I wish to carry out the duties of the Alumni Coordinator for RUDU by proving my ability to succeed in such a responsible position and to keep the graduated Rutgers debaters in touch with the team they dedicated so much of their time to. Therefore, I give you three reasons for why I should be the Alumni Coordinator.

1. Experience: I spent two years as an active member of the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society for two-year colleges at Salem Community College. During my time in the honor society, I was elected as Vice President of Leadership, I ran two successful car wash fundraisers and two study group meetings, and my activity within the chapter earned me a 2011 Phi Pheta Kappa Middle States Region Distinguished Chapter Officer award. I actively participated in the emerging Student Government Association at my community college and ran the Earth Day events committee, which ran a successful campus wide Earth Day event with involvement by both students and faculty. All of these experiences have enhanced my ability to work a leadership position and to approach such a position with the responsible mindset needed to get things done.

2. Enthusiasm: My enthusiasm and positive approach to everything I do and everyone I meet leaves a lasting impression. I feel this position requires someone who gets along well with others in order to keep strong connections with RUDU alumni and to work with them to foster their involved with tournaments and keep them informed of current events. I have always been an optimist and have brought a positive atmosphere to any groups and organizations I have been a part of. My enthusiasm ensures my commitment to working this position and keeping a positive outlook toward making successful relationships with alumni.

3. Dedication: I always have and always will dedicate my time and energy on achieving my goals. I take pride in everything I do, no matter how small it might seem, which gives me strong concentration and organization when working on any given task. I take myself and my responsibilities seriously and I always maintain a strong commitment to anything I start until I have completed it. If elected to this position, I will dedicate myself fully to working with the other E-Board members, the Coach, and RUDU alumni in order to keep former RUDU debaters connected and involved with the current activities of the team, whatever they may be.

If elected as the Alumni Coordinator, I can assure you that I will be successful and I will complete the duties of the position with maturity, responsibility, and professionalism.

Alex Jubb
Hey everyone! For those of you who don’t know, my name is Alex and I’m a novice on the team. I’ve been to every meeting and almost every tournament this year. I’m running for an e-board position because I really care about the team and love debate in general. I’m well organized, punctual, and enjoy planning things. I’m a good fit for the alumni coordinator position because I enjoy reaching out to people and I think it will be awesome to have past debaters more involved in RUDU. I get along really well with everyone on the team and am a pretty regular figure at the debate house and other team functions. So yeah, go RUDU!